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These pages are dedicated to highlighting the case of the GANDALF 6 (Green Anarchist and Animal Liberation Front). The six have been persecuted for their beliefs, and for writing about their beliefs. After an operation costing over £2 million, five people who wrote for the radical magazine Green Anarchist and the press officer for the ALF were arrested and charged with 'conspiracy to incite criminal damage' for reporting direct action. It didn't matter that there was no evidence about who they had incited to do what, or even when they had done it. Which means they could be held responsible for any actions that were written about, even if it was after the event! At the end of the trial, three of the defendants were convicted and sentenced to three years in jail; two other defendants are due to be tried in the Spring of '98. The case has serious implications for free speech in the UK, as now even writing about actions can land you with a jail sentence.

GANDALF Defendants' Campaign
For more details, affiliations and offers of support, contact the GDC, PO Box 66, Stevenage, SG1 2TR

Write to Green Anarchist
BCM 1715, London, UK, WC1N 3XX,

ALFSG Newsletter
BCM 1160, UK, WC1N 3XX

Write to the 3 prisoners
Noel Molland (CK4321) & Saxon Wood (CK4322), HMP Guys Marsh, Shaftsbury, Dorset, SP7 OAH
Steve Booth (CK4323), HMP Lancaster, The Castle, Lancaster, LA1 1YL

Last updated 29 November 1998
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