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Poor old Tony ‘Legacy’ Bliar – all he wanted to do was take on J.K.Rowling in the best seller charts, but it seems the public have other ideas.

Hounded out of Dublin last weekend by shoes, eggs and someone trying to complete a citizens arrest (will they get paid out for it though? See SchNEWS 707), he was this week forced to cancel other book-signings and a launch party at the Tate to avoid angry protests over the exact nature of his ‘journey’.

A new facebook group has plenty of evidence of the book correctly appearing in the fiction section in numerous shops and, to top off the snubs, the British Legion seem far from totally bought off by the Great Manipulator’s bribe of profits from the book. Their latest magazine includes a reprint of the famous ‘Photo Op’ picture (last seen doctored in SchNEWS 707).

Lets hope the war-mongering cry baby isn’t forced to turn back to drink to cope.


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