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Published in Brighton by Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective

Issue 190, Friday 6th November 1998


Arguably one of the world's most powerful men, Renato Ruggeiro, Director of the World Trade Organisation, received two cream pies in the face last Friday by anonymous activists from the Biotic Baking Brigade (B.B.B.) Ruggiero, in London to attend a conference on 'Trade Investment and the Environment' had just been hit by this double-whammy, when from somewhere behind him, whipped cream came squirting all over his bald head.

The WTO is one of the lesser-known UN agencies, but it has a bold mission; in Ruggiero's words, they have been 'writing the constitution of a single global economy'. As the organisation's first boss, he is charged with the job of knocking aside any obstacles to the corporatations clamouring to rip out the resources from beneath the feet of peoples of all nations. Any problems with that? Campaign groups were welcome to discuss them with him at the London conference, for the once-in-a-lifetime, bargain knock-down price of £440. 'We're practically giving the tickets away!' cried organisers the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 'We must be mad!' (actually, they didn't say those things).


You might have thought Ruggiero mad if you'd heard him outline his vision of how the environment will be saved by unshackled economic growth. All pie in the sky - but minutes later, outside the conference at Chatham House, he had egg, quite literally, on his face. 'This is a present from the dispossesed!' cried one of the activists, handy with a flan or two, before vanishing into the west London crowds. Gasps went up as the Ruggiero stumbled blindly back into the building, leaving his cream-spattered spectacles out on the pavement.

A BBB spokesperson active in the UK told SchNEWS: "Ruggiero has been singled out by our crack team of pie-throwers armed with the latest in low intensity lemon custard device technology. Today we sent a sticky message to Ruggiero and his global elite. No token amendments to international investment frameworks that give all rights to corporations and none to people, are acceptable: they must be scrapped."


He is the first to feel the power of the pie in the UK, but only the latest in a recent world-wide spate of pieings. Last Tuesday, genetic engineering supremo Robert Shapiro, head of Monsanto, got a pie in the face San Francisco (that one was made of tofu, kids) in the same month as did economist Milton Friedman, that infamous sucker of corporate cock.

All over the place activists have been taking a leaf out of Delia Smith's book, relieving powerful figures of their dignity and making them eat, in a very real sense, humble pie. Head of Microsoft Bill Gates famously became the first victim, and since then intrepid entarteurs* have been becoming increasingly bold in pursuit of their ultimate aim: to put a pie in the face of the Pope.

The General Command of the Biotic Baking Brigade (GC-BBB) have recently issued a communiqué following an emergency session, announcing two new global campaigns. The 'Pie Snowball' is a 'call to arms for revolutionary bakers across the world' and incites an 'autonomous, diffuse pastry uprising'. The idea is for one entarteur in every region to make the first throw, so inspiring others to do the same.


The second offensive, developed by a joint task force of disaffected computer nerds and GC-BBB military advisors, has been code-named 'Pie2K'. This targets the computer industry execs and consultants whose short-sighted pursuit of profit has allowed the Millenium bug to arise, and will send a shower of pies across Silicon Valley.

The communiqué reads; 'Just Do It! We are all pie-throwing anarchists. There's an oven on every street and cooking materials in every home.' Let the games commence....

* Entarteur, n. One who throws pies. [F, coined by Belgian Noel Godin of the Pattisserie Brigade Internationale] - SchNEWS VocabWatch



Somewhere in the Palace of Westminster, a committee of Law Lords continues to deliberate over whether Chile's former dictator, General Pinochet, should be handed over to Spain for trial, or let off the hook. Helped into power by the US, this man could still be brought to account for mindbending atrocities we may barely glimpse in the faces of some of the Chilean people now holding vigil outside Parliament. If these people don't experience justice, we can none of us expect justice in the New World Order....

The Lords' conclusion is not now due until Monday at the earliest, and Chilean exile groups together with families of torture victims, are organising protests.

  • Saturday, Trafalgar Square: rally from 1pm onwards
  • Sunday, picket where Pinochet is being held at the Grovelands Priory Hospital (shout and he'll hear you!) The Bourne, 200 metres away from Southgate tube, 13:00 onwards.
Keep your ears to the ground next week for news of the Lords' verdict. Phone 0171 2076417 (eves) or 0403 660128 (mobile).




Catalan activist Adolfo Montolin approached some Barcelona cops at a railway station and asked "Can I have two with cheese please?" The rozzers in their newly designed uniforms that make them look like workers from a local sandwich bar chain were not amused and dragged him off. He was charged with assaulting a police officer and the old Francoesque law of 'showing disrespect to someone in authority' was wheeled out as well.

Yer SchNEWS man-on-the-spot tried to ask if these were the original vegan police - but the language barrier got in the way. The trial continues...



We know New Labour are threatening to crack down on pupils who bunk off school, but in Newry, Northern Ireland things seem to be getting a little out of hand. One lad was playing truant when two RUC men in an armoured car spotted him. The lad legged it, chased in hot pursuit by one copper while the other heavily armed constable radioed for reinforcements. The boy headed towards a housing estate, where seven RUC vehicles searched for an hour. He was eventually found by his uncle hiding in a wardrobe in his uncle' house, shaking and frightened. As Republican News points out "Where would we be without this fine force?"



  • International No Shop Day 98 is on Saturday 29th November Join the anti-consumerism campaign, train yourself for the fall of consumerism due on the 1st of the new millennium. ENOUGH, One World Centre, 6 Mount St, Manchester M1 5NS tel: 0161 226 6668 Web: http://www.envirolink.org/issues/enough/
  • The trial of Outrage! campaigner Peter Tatchell for 'indecent behaviour in a church' (i.e. speaking out about sexual orientation) has been adjourned. He was one of a group of campaigners who upset anti-gay Arch- Bishop Carey's Easter service at Canterbury Cathedral (SchNEWS 163). He is fighting this prosecution on the issue of free speech and the right to peaceful protest. Peter will be in Canterbury Magistates Court at 10.30 am on November 30th and would welcome your support. Outrage! 0181 240 0222 for more info.
  • Michael Winrow is setting up a Brighton based web site to feature pictures and writing by gay artists get in touch at: michael@winrow.com
  • Gen up! Loads on the latest developments in the nuclear industry by watchdogs WISE - PO Box 59636, 1040 LC Amsterdam http://www.antenna.nl/~wise/
  • Oi! Monsanto...Food*Health*Nope. The Corner House have a briefing on how multivitamined mutant spuds will not feed Africa, as their slick PR campaign would like to disinform us all. An informative and reasoned criticism- PO Box 3137, Station Road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1YJ
  • The Anarchist Teapot is now open in dear old conservative Worthing. Go along and have a free tea and join the rebellion! It's off Montague Street, opp. Allied Carpets.
  • TO CAST OFF THE NORMAN YOKE BY 2066 In 1649 - at the end of the English Civil War - The Diggers asserted the right to rent-free land for all. Next April The Land Is Ours will be celebrating and reviving the Digger spirit.An events planning meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th November 7pm.ASS Office,2 St. Pauls Road London N1, Canonbury BR
  • National demonstration against live exports Friday 20th November. A day of action from 8am at Dover Eastern Dock. Kent Action Against Live Exports- Tel: 01304 613904
  • Hillingdon Hospital Strikers who recently won their epic three year strike against low pay (see SchNEWS 188) are now lobbying Granada, who are not legally bound to give the women their jobs back. Bring your banners to Granada Headquarters, 13 Cleveland Row off Pall Mall, St.james SW1 on Wed Nov 18th. 0956 135311
  • The next Trident Ploughshares 2000 Disarmament Camp will be at Coulport from 9th-17th Nov. TP2000, 42-46 Bethel Street, Norwich NR2 1NR- Tel: 01603 611953
  • On Wednesday, students and peace activists protested against the Oxford colleges' investment in arms exporting companies. While a banner that read 'Oxford Colleges Share in Murder' was dropped out of the Examination Schools on Oxford High Street, others took part in a symbolic die-in with fake blood and scattered blood money. CAAT 0171 281 0297



On Monday, 19 people were convicted of that well known law 'besetting' , and received sentences averaging 100 hours community service.They had been arrested during a'trick or treat' action on Hallowe'en 1997 at the offices of HJ Banks,the despised open cast mining company (see SchNEWS 139). 'Besetting' - to watch or beset a house or premises with a view to prevent them from going about their lawful business - a common law offence until 1992, when it was made a statutory offence. It is an anti-trade union, anti-picketing offence and SchNEWS reckons it could be the first time it has been used against activists in this way. Go on clever clogs, prove us wrong.



"I am sorry that this court did not rule on the right side of history. But I am not surprised. Every time our nation has come to a fork in the road with regard to race, it has chosen to take the path of compromise and betrayal...a court cannot make an innocent man guilty. Any ruling founded on injustice is not justice. The righteous fight for life, liberty, and for justice can only continue."
- Mumia Abu-Jamal

Last Thursday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court signed away the life of Mumia Abul Jamal by denying him the right for a new trial. Mumia, a journalist and member of the radical black ecological group has been on death row for the fifteen years for a crime he did not commit. Protests are being organised as we speak and SchNEWS will keep you informed.

  • Fax letters of protest to Guv.Tom Ridge +1 717 783 4429
  • Read: '25 years on the MOVE' £3 inc p&p from Friends of MOVE, PO Box 14129, London, W12 8GR
  • In 1988 Raphael Rowe, Michael Davis and Randolph Johnson were found guilty of the "M25 Murder" During the trial even the judge said "So much of the evidence is itself tainted for one reason or another, and there is considerable uncertainty and inconsistency in important areas." Like the fact that police were looking for three men, two of whom were white, one with fair hair and blue eyes - while those convicted were all black. The campaign to free the men is asking for people to write to the Criminal Cases Review Comission to ask why it has taken them nearly a year and a half to review the case and refer it to the Court of Appeal.In the letter mention that, "one of the reasons the Comission was established was to cut the dealys in dealing with miscarriages of justice. In this case the commission has not only failed but has contributed to the mental torture of the innocent." Send protest letters to Mr. Karamjit Singh, Criminal cases Review Comission, Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1TT
  • M25 Campaign, 28 Grimsell Park, Camberwell, London, SE5 OTB
  • Animal liberation prisoner, Barry Horne, currently serving an 18-year sentence for animal rights 'offences', is now entering his fifth week on hunger strike demanding that the UK Labour government keep its election pledges on vivisection. Next weekend there will be actions in support of him, beginning with occupation of local Labour Party offices on Friday 13th, and a day of action on the Saturday. Meet Junction 15a services on M1. Details 0589 026435 Letters of support Barry Horne VC2141, MMP Full Sutton, York YO4 1PS.



SchNEWS has some sad and sorry news to offer to its readers (cue violins...) Sir Paul Condon, Main man of the Met, said last week that he has been living like "a pauper for 30 years as a public servant." Apparently his paltry £95,000 a year job just isn't even enough to buy himself a new car. New recruits to the Met are on a starting salary of only £16,000, yet Sir Poorl says this is almost "invitation to malpractice...if you are serious about integrity you must make sure there is is a reasonable level of pay and conditions..". Right, we get it Poorl.. so the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation wouldnt have been such a corrupt shambles if coppers were paid more so they didn't need to be bribed. So. Oi.You claiming the sick when we don't think you are...You working in that cafe for £3 an hour cash in hand to top up yer £40 per week giro....NO!! Thats corruption, but its ok, at least the Met understands you were 'invited' by your circumstances!



SchNEWS warns all readers not to have pie-in-the-sky ideas. Hey, get real, your stupid pranks won't change a thing. So why not just sit at home, watch tv, go on endless (cream-cake) shopping sprees and then you will feel content (and probably quite sick). Honest gov.


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