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About Justice?

Justice? - the people who squatted the Courthouse and brought you the Squatter's Estate Agency way back when... The collective who've been arrested more times than they've had hot dinners. It's an identity for a collective of people who are disgusted by things like the powers of the state and the destruction of the environment; it's a resource to make things better. It's not a clique. Nobody is a "member", you won't be given a membership form to fill in, and nobody tells you what to do. Well, they do, but when they've finished ranting, we ignore them anyway. There aren't any leaders.

Justice? doesn't exist any more but SchNEWS continues! Still weekly, still independent, still free, still skint, still want to hear what you lot are up to. Check out the About Us for more info on the history of SchNEWS and how SchNEWS comes together each week.

Wanna help with SchNEWS but don't live in Brighton? Fear not! You can still help...

Send us interesting news clippings, crap arrests, crap jobs, reports on actions, and ideas for future issues.

Help distribute originals: if you'd like to get SchNEWS out in your area, send us some stamps (10 stamps for 9 issues) mark the envelope ORIGINAL and we'll send you a decent copy for you to photocopy and distribute at gigs, meetings, colleges, libraries, bus-stops and so on.

If you run a publication that's not for profit, please feel free to rip off SchNEWS.

But most of all, don't just read SchNEWS, get out there and get active!.

Last updated 3rd November 2006

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