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SchNEWS - the free weekly direct action newsheet produced in Brighton, UK, since 1994 covering environmental and social issues, direct action protests and campaigns, both UK and abroad. For this week's issue, party & protest events listing, free SchMOVIES, archive and more click here
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Below are a selection of 'how to' guides that have been pulled together from a range of sources. Some are step by step guides from our 4th book - Survival Handbook, and some are links to other websites.

Protest Legal
How To Campaign Free BEAGLES legal resource centre
"Deila Smith's" Basic Blockading Defendant's guide to arrest
Guide To Public Order Situations Suing the police
How To Land Based Community Action Getting the best defence you can from a solicitor
Tunnelling Wombles Legal Information
How To Do Office Work  
Road Protesting - Road Raging Research
How to Win Campaigns: 100 Steps to Success How To Do Company Research
Community Action and How To Set Up A Residents Group Guide To World Institutions - and their acronyms
  Fun & Games
Housing Having Free Parties
Squatting Bilboard Subvertising
Setting Up A Co-Op Guide to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)...
Building A Bender A Few Crop Trashing Tips
Tip For Climbing Fences
Alternative Energy  
How To Make BioDiesel Prisoners
  Surviving Prison
Gardening Prisoner Support
Direct Action Gardening  
  Alternative Media / Internet
Miscelaneous GNU/Linux and Free Open Source Software - An Introduction
Idiots Guide To Meetings How to set up a local newsletter
  Anonymity And Security On The Web

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