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Published in Brighton by Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective

Issue 196, Friday 18th December 1998

We're gonna take a three week break now - thanks for all your support - see you next year for some more Baddie Bashing!!


"Our quarrel is not with the Iraqi people. It never has been."
- Tony Blair announcing missile attacks on Iraq

On Wednesday night the United States and Britain launched their latest military attack on Iraq. Cruise missiles were launched from US warships and from American B52 bombers based at British-owned Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The next night British Tornadoes joined in. So far, the casualties are not known. But one thing can be sure - it will be the poorest and most dispossessed people of Iraq who will suffer the most.

The 1991 Gulf war saw the equivalent of seven Hiroshima bombs being droppedon Iraq killing a quarter of a million people. Since then, The US and Britain have maintained crippling sanctions against Iraq. On Wednesday Tony Blair repeated the lie that these sanctions do not cover food and medicine - baby food, enriched powder milk, bandages, refrigeration for antibiotics, animal feed equipment and much more are banned. As a result of sanctions, only half of Iraq's 8,000 farms are currently operating and those that are are doing so at 20% capacity. The consequences have been inevitable - over

1,200,000 Iraqi children have died since 1991 as a direct result of the sanctions that Tony 'our-quarrel-is-not-with-the-Iraqi-people' Blair so strongly supports.

The excuse for the latest attack on Iraq is to stop Saddam building chemical and other weapons for use in the region. In fact, Britain was the first country to use chemical weapons in the middle east when Winston Churchill ordered the gas bombing of Kurdish villages in the 1920s. For years, Britain and the United States have built Iraq up as a military power, supplying Saddam with chemical, biological and other weapons. Saddam's possession of gruesome weapons was never a problem when he was a faithful local puppet of the west. There were no air strikes when Saddam gassed 45,000 Iranian soldiers during the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s or gassed the entire Kurdish village of Halabja in 1988. It is not Saddam's brutality or firepower that the US and Britain hate - it is his independence.

The attacks against Iraq are all about one thing - oil. The middle east has two thirds of the world's known oil reserves and control of these oilfields is crucial to the superpowers. Britain and the United States have traditionally dominated the middle east through their support for Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other puppet regimes. These countries have horrific records of human rights abuses, genocide and illegal invasion of neighbouring countires - but the only jets sent to these countries are the ones we sell to their airforces to control 'insurgency' amongst Palestinian, Kurdish and other democratic movements in the region.

Since this attack is supposed to be about defending potential victims of Saddam's chemical and other weapons, SchNEWS phoned the Kurdistan Information Centre for their views - if anyone has been oppressed by Saddam's regime it is the Kurds. Funnily enough, no one else from the British media had bothered to ask them what they thought.

Yado Roz of the centre told SchNEWS, "Saddam is a criminal oppressing his own people Nobody knows that more than the Kurds. He gassed 5,000 Kurds in Halabja in the 1980s and continued using chemical weapons against Kurdish villages for months. When people fled to the mountains he used gas against the caves people hid in. While all this was happening, Britain and the United States did nothing".

In the last 15 years Turkey has burnt 3,000 Kurdish villages to the ground creating three million refugees and 10,000 political prisoners. Kurds are not allowed to speak their language or show any sign of their national identity without being sent to prison or killed. But Turkey is a member of NATO and a friend of Britain and the United States so again they do nothing.

"This attack against Iraq has nothing to do with helping the Kurds. They gave Saddam the weapons and now the monster has turned against them. They only want to show that if anyone opposes the United States and Britain they will be dealt with like this. That is the message they are giving the world with this attack."



December 21st upstairs at the HobGoblin Pub London Rd.7.00pm

Come and meet new friends and hear what all about the local direct action groups have been up to in Brighton (and scoff some lovely vegan brandy-chocolate cake).



"The Ogoni are one of the few indigenous communities in the world to have forced a trans-national corporation from their land by concerted and sustained non-violent direct action"
- Statement of Solidarity

Oil companies operating in the Niger Delta in Nigeria are getting the same treatment that bio-tech giants Monsanto are currently on the recieving end of in India, (SchNEWS 195, Cremating Monsanto).With the same determination to remove their country from the grip of multi-national profit-scum, 24 groups and the representatives of 500 communities from Ijawland resolved, at the end of a 3 day meeting, that the robber oil barons "must leave the Niger Delta area within two weeks or face the wrath of the people".

The practical side of this 'notice to quit' is to be carried out by an Ijaw youth council. Companies on the 'eviction forthwith' list are sHell, Chrevron, Mobiland, Texaco, Elf...

A statement made by Ogoni students reads

"We condemn Shell's collusion with the Nigerian military regime, its theft of resources, contribution to poverty, racist double standards, devastating pollution and delays on compensation claims, within Ogoni and across the Niger Delta. We also condemn its attempts to re-enter Ogoni against the people's wishes... it is also important to re-affirm the ideals of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People".

Youth activists have been have been to the forefront in the Ogoni and Ijaw mobilisation against environmental and human rights abuse,but during the Shell-backed military attacks on Ogoni many were forced to flee to refugee camps across West Africa.Moral and practical support for the Ogoni is crucial at this time because Shell is planning to re-enter Ogoni and it's people are expecting militery retaliation to their protests

  • For news and background on Ogoni, Shell and Nigeria contact DELTA, Box Z, 13 Biddulph Street, Leicester LE2 1BH, UK Tel 0116 270 9616 http://www.oneworld.org/delta/.
  • There's a global 'Shut Down sHell Action Day' on 4th January to commemorate the day six years ago when the Ogoni people first got sHell to leave their country. Organise an action in your own area (take your ideas to the pumps. Oh, and a padlock might come in handy).



Tensions ran high again last Saturday, when Thames Valley police once again banned a demonstration at Hillgrove Farm, where cats are bred for vivisection. Denied the right to protest outside the farm by the cops, 500 demonstrators instead met at Oxford City centre where, in the words of one protester "they were met with nothing short of extreme brutality from Thames Valley police with mounted officers continually riding into the crowd It is worth remembering that it is the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which encompasses freedom of expression and assembly, yet in Britain Thames Valley Police ban yet another demonstration."

Thames Valley police defended the arrest of two photographers and a Television camera-crew by claiming that Press cards mean nothing. Thames Valley Police press officer Janet Malcomson claimed "Press cards are forged by animal rights activists and they pose as reporters." However, all press cards are registered at Scotland Yard with PIN digits known to the reporter in the event of any police query.

In response to the Police claims that protesters are posing as journalists photo-journalist Andrew Testa said, " The only people posing as anything else are the Police , when they dress up as activists." Undercover police wearing balaclavas and dark shades were spotted using hidden jacket video cameras to secretly videotape Hillgrove protestors. Only later did Thames Valley Police find out, the undercover cops were from the Met Police; What's going on here then?

  • Who said this? "Criminals who hurl rocks and petrol bombs at police officers - and police horses - and who appear to have no respect for animals they claim they are protecting." It was Thames Valley police chief Charles Pollard in the 1997/8 annual police report. He had to apologise and accept the statement as "inaccurate".
  • A circus worker, recently convicted of subjecting an elephant to a sustained and vicious beating with an iron bar, got 4 months in prison; a Hillgrove protestor, who pleaded guilty to striking a metal fence with a piece of wood, got a year! Good old British justice.
  • For info on undercover police harassment of protestors and journo's contact Undercurrents 16b Cherwell St Oxford OX4 1 BG Tel 01865 203661 Web: http://www.undercurrents.org/
  • Barry Horne has ended his hunger strike on day 68, after the government's promised greater independence on monitoring vivisection practices.
  • National Demonstration Agains Live Exports, All Day Of Action on Friday 15th January, from 8.00am@ the Dover Eastern dock



The Hillingdon Hospital Workers, sacked three years ago for refusing to take a pay cut, recently won a historic victory, with the right to be reinstated to their old jobs, on old terms and conditions. However, Granada Services who ironically sit on the Governments Low Pay Commission reckon its impractical to give the women their jobs back.

So - the battle continues with a Christmas Day Picket 9 - 11 am outside Hillingdon Hospital. More details c/o 27 Townsend Way, Northwood, Middx., HA6 1TG Tel 0956 135311



Three women from the Trident Ploughshare's 2000 are still banged up on remand following a 'Citizens Inspection' action at Barrow in November.

Write to:

  • Stellen Vinthagen BT8233, HMP Preston, 2 Ribbleton Lane, Preston, PR1 5AB
  • Annika Spalde BE8940, HMP Risley, 617 Warrington Rd., Risley, Warington, WA3 6BP
  • Ann-Britt Sternfeldt BE8941, also at HMP Risley
Pablo Locke MM2797 (spokesman for ABC prisoner support) has been moved again this time to remote and unvisitable HMP Parkhurst, Newport, Isle of Wight



  • Action 2000 the task force set up by the Government to deal with the threat from the Millennium bug (see SchNEWS 191) is advising families to stock up with emergency food supplies in case of Bug disruptions!

  • uk-y2k-action - subscribe@egroups.com is a new email discussion group set up to discuss all things millennium bug like

  • Beware youngsters - next year you're gonna be targeted by a new government backed ID card company, hoping to soften you up before compulsory ID cards, high on the Police State's New Year wish list

  • The London Anarchist Forum meets every Friday evening at Conway Hall, 25, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (Holborn tube). Topics include What is an Anarchist Movement? (Jan. 15th.)& Symposium on Behaviour in Anarchist Meetings. (Jan. 29th)

  • Attention All Hunt Protesters...have you ever been threatened or assaulted whilst attending the Hursley and Hambledon Hunt? Ian Oliver, a solicitor in the Sussex area is acting for several hunt protestors relating to charges arising out of incidents at the Hunt and would like to speak to you. Ring 01243 786668

  • Diggers 350-In 1649, at the end of the English Civil War, the Diggers asserted the right to rent-free land for all. From April 1999 and into the new millennium The Land is Ours will be celebrating and reviving the Digger spirit.. There's a planning meeting at Conway Hall, London (full address above) Sunday 17th Jan, 12 noon-5pm

  • Agitprop website goes to over 30 countries around the world, and reaches thousands of activists with news of struggles, from the prisons of Philadelphia and Palestine to the strikes in East Timor and California - http://www.igc.apc.org/laborart/. Subscribe - listserv@email.rutgers.edu.

  • Headmix Collective invite you to swing your partner at a very special SOLSTICE CEILIDH DANCE - Mon. 21st Dec, 7.30-11pm @ Sussex Arts Club, Ship Street, Brighton. £4/£3.



Ever wished you could get SchNEWS off the web and print it out so it looks just like the real thing? Well now you can. All you need is an internet connection, Web browser, the Acrobat program and any old printer. See our web-site for more info.



"I'm not having anybody on my land ...They will never get away with it. I have picked on by these disgusting people who have nothing better to do . I know these types. They are people who don't have any stake in society. They're not walking in the countryside. They are hell-bent on trespassing on private property." It's everybody's favourite Brighton landlord millionaire Nick Van Hoogstraten, describing the Ramblers Association, who are taking him to court for blocking a public footpath on his land.
  • Tinker's Bubble, a low-impact site in Somerset, looks set to get permission to remain for five years on their land, an important precedent for alternative dwellers. Goodwill from local villagers forced two councillors to change their brick-brained minds in support of the organicbubblers



Two people from the Innerfield soundsystem were found guilty the other week - guilty of putting on last year's excellent free New Years Eve party in an old squatted Bingo Hall in Brighton. DJ's Matt and Marcus were found guilty cos they couldn't prove they knew everyone at the party! They now have a criminal record, £500 fine each and 120 community hours. SchNEWS reckons they were already doing community service - putting on free parties for all the people who don't or won't go to clubs, especially the overpriced shit at New Years. Anyone out there up for putting on benefit gigs/parties/making a donation to Innerfield get in touch with the SchNEWS office.



'Sorted Dave' who died of a heart condition on site of the proposed Birmingham Northern Relief Road in April was evicted from one of the protestors tunnels this week. His ashes were placed in an urn and concreted into a lock-on in a tunnel at the request of his family. The tunellers known as the "men-in-black" removed the urn after his seven day eviction ordeal. Unlike other protesters Dave was not arrested or bailed off the site and it is believed that he intends to continue campaigning for many more years to come!

Meanwhile the eviction of the Moneymore cottages continues with two people remaining in tunnels after 10 days. The police compound was dismantled by protesters yesterday,while Security guard defector Dean Smith was arrested for obstruction following his debut tunnel eviction when he stayed underground for 3 days.

A mass e-mail to newspapers and the Dept.of Transport is planned for next week to call for another public enquiry. Local Methodist Minister, David Shawcross, known as the "Manic Tree Preacher" is set to resist eviction at the Greenwood site, by D-locking himself to a tree. Massive potential for the campaign remains with 27 miles of predominantly greenbelt land for new camps and squats. The road is planned to be three times the length of the recently opened Newbury Bypass at a cost of £700 million. Site Mobile 07970 301978 The alliance against the BNRR: 0121 6326909.

AROOGA - Eviction papers have been recieved at CRYSTAL PALACE protest camp where the Council plan to build a massive leisure complex in the park. A security compound has been built next door and lotsa police have turned up filming everyfink and everyone. To get there by train, Crystal Palace stn, by tube, to Brixton then no.3 bus (20 mins) Tel: 0181 761 7826 Site mobile: 0961 832472.

  • Solicitors for an activist arrested at Nottingham Reclaim The Streets are calling for witnesses to the unruly behavior of a tall Sergeant with a tash. Ring Carol or Paula on 01159 419141
  • Action against Manchester Airports 2nd runway continues with plans to ravage more woodland Meet 10am 18th Jan at The Yard Theatre,41 Old Birley St, opp. Junction Pub, Royce rd, Hulme, Manchester. Contact 0161 226 6814
  • NEWBURY REUNION Sunday Jan 10th '99-This event marks the start of the campaign to Save the Countryside between the bypass and the existing area of Newbury from the increasing threat of unlimited infill development. PO Box 5642, Newbury, Berks, RG14 5WG Tel: 07000 785201 http://www.gn.apc.org/newbury/



We print a recent letter to SchNEWS from Councillor Pympe of Hackney:

Squatty Scum,

You recently maliciously published the number 0800 622872 claiming it was Hackney Council's Emergency Squatline. This is incorrect, it is in fact the number for MADAME HARUNA (all fetishes catered for). I am most concerned that the unwashed layabouts and anarchists to whom your grotty publication is addressed appear to be blocking Ms Haruna's important freephone number. I have even heard that the number is being rung from isolated rural phone kiosks, where it might be weeks before anyone comes by to put the receiver back on the hook. This disruptive hooligan behaviour must cease immediately, so that Madame Haruna can provide her legitimate services to the community without impediment. Please ensure this is made clear to all your toe-rag friends without delay.

Councillor Arthur Pympe

Apologies Mr.Pympe, we printed the above number thinking it was the squat busting hot-line of Hackney Council. PS. How much for a golden shower?



SchNEWS warns all readers not to accept offers of free Xmas dinner while having a festive stroll on Clapham Common.You might well end up as the turkey at your own last supper- well & truly stuffed. Ho! Ho! Ho!



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