SchNEWS At Ten - The Movie - A Decade Of Party & Protest - direct action in Britain and abroad 1990s-2000s

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A Decade Of Party And Protest

So, this is absolute, final, final cut of SchNEWS At Ten - The Movie. That's ten years of reporting the news each week from the direct-action front line. It's a big, bad world out there and thanks to camcorder activists a lot of it has been caught on film.

Ten years is a long time. When SchNEWS was first cobbled together there was no e-mail, no web and mobile phones were only fashion accessories. The thought of producing a film would have been laughable (actually it still is, but hey…) Back then we didn't know how long SchNEWS would last Now, ten years down we can honestly say we have a history.

The film has been billed as charting the early days of resistance to the Criminal Justice Bill through to our recent massive party in London and everything else in between - of course, it doesn't. It would be impossible to get the last ten years worth of direct-action footage into such a short time. What we have done is stick to the story of the SchNEWS and how it's evolved, sustained itself and cut through all of the boring academic bullshit through information, inspiration and telling the truth..

So, get the popcorn in, kick back and marvel at how so many lazy good for nothing anarchists have got it together and kept it together for the last decade.

But please remember the revolution will most likely not be televised and it won't have a soundtrack.

Click here to download the trailer (1min 20, 4meg, quicktime format)

SchNEWS At Ten - The Movie
74 mins - DVD format
Categories: anarchist filth, social history

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