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Following the let down of the Bradford not-so-Big One (SchNEWS 737), the EDL seems rife with divisions over the movement’s direction. While the leaders are looking to build international links by courting Geert Wilder and showing their mugs at “No Ground Zero Mosque” protests, the frustrated cannon fodder seem torn between going down the political route and more direct, less controlled street demos.

The first sign of this change in tactics appeared last weekend when EDLers from around the country staged flash mob demos. On Saturday (12th), around 120 EDL members marched into Oldham city centre, laying a wreath at a war memorial before brawling with the police. Eight were arrested, many more had their heads cracked by batons. On Sunday (13th) another flash mob converged on Nuneaton, with around 50 showing up to wave at homecoming troops. They were forced into a pub by the police and quickly surrounded by a crowd from the local community.

Also this week, the EDL got to catch a rare glimpse of the tiny minority group they have apparently sworn to defend us from, coming face to face with Islamic nutjobs Muslims Against Crusades as both groups marched to mark the anniversary of 9/11. In the beard vs beergut battle that ensued there were minor scuffles, heated chanting and lots of burning of symbolic items.


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