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So his Nazi-nonce-ness the Pope played his first big gig in Britain this week, in front of the assembled Catholic mass-ive in Edinburgh. But what does the God Squad top man have for breakfast?

Well, he could do worse than pick up a new ‘Jesus’ toaster which burns the image of the son of God into each righteous slice. And all for only $39.99 (well it doesn’t claim to make one loaf feed thousands).

Spread with ‘I Can’t believe it’s not Buddha’, topped with eggs benedictum all smothered in holy-days sauce and you’ve got a dish fit for a pontiff.

Sadly, we’ve heard however that he’s too busy spreading his evil message to waste time in the morning, and barely stops for couple of Pope-tarts...

* Order yours (they also do hemp leaves and Peace signs) at – and chuck it at the Pope.


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