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Here's a list of events and handy info for those going to Scotland for the G8 Summit

Convergence and Accommodation Centres:

Edinburgh -

* 24 Hour Info Shop, 10 Albert place, Leith Walk. Open meetings to organise the space, café, great exchange of support and information happening between the activists and the local community. 01315611356.

* Forest Café, 3 Bristo Place. Volunteer-run café, arts space, Anti-G8 info and Indymedia Centre.

* University Convergence Space Teviot buildings, Edinburgh Students Union Building, Bristo Square. Convergence meetings, workshops etc.

* Jack Kane Centre, Hunter Hall Park, Niddrie Mains street, Craigmillar. Currently the only accommodation centre in Edinburgh, with camping for 15,000 people. There has been criticism of the site surrounded by security fencing, CCTV and watchtowers see,

Glasgow -

* Convergence Centre, 30 Dora St, Dalmarnock, Glasgow, Scotland. Phone no 0141 551 0401. Provides info, food and accommodation, be self sufficient as possible and taker yer litter home!

* G42 Collective Info Point, Suite 3, 674 Pollockshaws Road, South Glasgow. 07981 954132.

Stirling -

* Hori-Zone. A rural autonomous, convergence camp at Borrowmeadow Farm, nr. Forth Bank Stadium, Stirling. The rural convergence space will operate around a "neighbourhood" system, similar to the "barrio" system used at some previous resistance camps.


For a full list of dates see:


On till the 7th - Days of Dissent/Edinburgh Convergence 2005/Turning Ideas Into Action "A free, open and autonmous space for urgently needed public debates addressing the real issues behind topics such as climate change and poverty. A space where thousands of people will converge to create, debate and question thereby celebrating that another world is not only possible - it is already living." Catch SchNEWS on the Sunday 6-8pm! 07815 973119

3rd Make Borders History A Magical Mystery Tour of Immigration Controls and the "Chain of Deportation" in Glasgow. Visit some of the magicians who help asylum seekers "disappear".

3rd G8 Alternatives Summit Organised by the G8 Alternatives coalition this counterconference "Ideas to Change the World" aims to present a serious ideological challenge to the corrupt policies and ideology of the G8. It will feature prominent speakers from around the world in eight plenary sessions and 36+ workshop/seminars. £10/£5, 0131 2281155.

3rd Global G8 Nightmare Counter Conference World Development Movement along with War on Want, People & Planet and Friends of the Earth are holding the 'G8 Corporate Dream… Global Nightmare' counter conference. Speakers include: George Monbiot, Trevor Ngwane, Meena Raman, Walden Bello, Caroline Lucas, Amit Srivastava (Campaign Against Coca Cola) and The Yes Men. Assembly Hall, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. FREE. 0131 557 0444

4th Big Blockade at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base. Help snub the subs... Thousands of peace campaigners from around the world are called to non-violently blockade the base. 0845 45 88 361

4th Phone in Sick and Join the Carnival for Full Enjoyment Street Party, Edinburgh. "Life should be more fun for those of us who labour in underpaid insecure jobs, in casual and agency work, or on 'New Deal' schemes. There should be more joy for the unemployed trying to survive on a few quid a week and for those of us juggling childcare and debt." Meet 12-12.30 west end of Princes St and Shandwick Place in central Edinburgh. email

5th Beacons of Dissent Beacons are to be lit on the hills south of the Gleaneagles Hotel on the night of Tuesday 5th July to send a clear message that the G8 "leaders" are not welcome. Beacons to be lit in solidarity around the UK.

5th Hill Walking Actions Cross Country Rambles and Scrambles on the Ochil hills with a big day-glow banner or two.

5th Close Dungavel Detention Centre. As the leaders of the world's most powerful states meet in luxury at Gleneagles, hundreds of people - including families with children - are imprisoned behind the razor wire of Scotland's shame: Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre, join the No Borders demonstration. 11am to 4pm Strathaven, South Lanarkshire, ML10 6RF. Transport to Dungavel from Glasgow, George Square, shuttle bus all morning from 9:30am. Edinburgh, Waterloo Place at 9.30am and 11.30am. £5/£3 To Book 0141 946 6193 email

6th Global Day of Action at the opening day of the G8 Summit A day of decentralised action, in villages, towns and cities worldwide. The biggie - what are YOU going to be doing?
6th G8 Blockades 'The Blockades Group', a part of the Dissent! network, call out to all autonomous direct action groups and individuals opposed to the G8 to carry out autonomous actions starting on the 6th July to blockade the summit.

6th Anti-G8 Demonstration Marching from Gleneagles train station from noon, try to get as close as you can to Gleneagles, go on give it a go! 0131 220 6259

7th People's Open Golf Tournament The People's Golfing Association is hosting an open golf tournament at Gleneagles. People are encouraged to begin forming autonomous golfing affinity groups. No caddies, no Masters! and

8th International Day of action on the root causes of climate change Come to Scotland with your inspired ideas for action and join us on the streets and on the golf courses. Or do whatever you can, wherever you are, to resist the fossil fuel madness and make the dream of a socially just, sustainable future a reality. Stop climate chaos - flood the G8!


Protest and Action Info: The Dissent! Network co-ordinate radical resistance to the Summit.

Legal: Know your rights (while we've got some left)

Training: It pays to be prepared. For a whole load of resources Or see the SchNEWS Diy Guide -

Medical: First aid skills out on the streets

Trauma: Helping people when it all gets too much. 07962 406940


Remember: There won't be people laying everything on for you once you get there. Bring whatever you expect to need - and take yer rubbish away with you! Don't forget yer sleeping bag, mat, eating utensils/plate/bowl, food, water etc. There will be cooked food available at the centres mentioned, but as it's impossible to tell how many people are coming so be like the Scouts and Girl Guides and BE PREPARED!

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