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Published in Brighton by Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective

Issue 222, Friday 30th July


"We have always given detailed information, put it into the public domain, about the specific location of trials and experiments.....But you have to ask yourself a question. If small minorities are determined by illegal methods to impose their minority view on the situation by taking pre-meditated reckless action in this way, we may have to reconsider that.”
- Jack Cunningham, Cabinet Enforcer
But you have to ask yourself a question, Jack. Are you talking about the protesters or Monsanto?
In the early hours of Monday morning, a secret Greenpeace action on a 6-acre GM maize test site in Lyng, Norfolk, resulted in a bizarre ‘Carry-on meets Monty Python’ style scene. Led by the oily Elizabethan noble Lord Melchitt, Norfolk farmer and Executive Director of Greenpeace, and tooled up with a mechanical mower, 30+ activists barricaded themselves into the test-site field, for a morning of weed-pulling in the dawning Agro-Evo garden of mutant delights.
Yet after 20 minutes of faking crop circles, Melchitt and his band of Merry Persons were caught green-handed by the Brigham Brothers. Likened to the modern day rural Krays, or Phil and Grant Mitchell playing a cameo role in Emmerdale, the 3 brothers lease the field to genetics firm AgrEvo for the maize trial. The Brighams, long-standing local farmers who boast 4.5 eyes and more than two metres of forehead between them, were swiftly on the scene, crying “Genetics never did us any harm!”
All 3 brothers started their tractor rampage, ramming the Greenpeace mower and dispersing the gardeners further into the field. Jumping off their tractors, they even chased the activists round and round the field, by which point, over a quarter of the site was trashed.
The action resulted in 28 arrests for theft, criminal damage and vandalism, including Lord Melchett, who alone was denied bail, initial police reports citing Queenie’s displeasure. Melchett, however, laid the blame for his detention firmly at the door of rival fictional toff, Edmund Blackadder. “Thus private parts to the gods are we,” he bemoaned to SchNEWS, “They play with us for their sport.”
The only one to be kept on remand, Melchett was eventually released after two nights in Norwich nick, with strict bail conditions. The others arrested were bailed to appear before magistrates on 5 August. Nice-one Melch’ n’co. (SchNEWS has one request, Melch... drop the ‘Lord’ title; congratulating a Lord does nothing for our street cred.)


The public has the right to a safe environment and a food chain free from genetic contamination. If the authorities, in this case the government, fail to uphold those rights it is legitimate for others to do so. We took urgent action to defend those public rights.
- Sarah Burton, Greenpeace.
Genetic test crops are fast approaching pollination, where they can cross-contaminate with natural crops; they are ‘living pollution’, threatening the food chain and the purity of organic crops. As the pollen of rape can travel up to a couple of miles, the concept of short-term ‘test sites’ is a mutated red herring: Once the pollen takes to the air, we’re basically fucked. Quoting Sarah Burton again “ We already know this crop is a threat, so much so that the Swiss government. banned it from open air trials. It is a danger to the food chain and the environment and once the crop has flowered then the contamination is irreversible .”
A leaked memo from AgrEvo to the Dept. of the Environment estimates genetics farm-scale trials could total 12,350 acres next year. Unless we do something about it (hint)
AgrEvo has complained that government ‘openness’ has encouraged this disgraceful outbreak of direct action. It’s possible new test farms will be kept secret to ensure ‘safety’.
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state and second-largest soya grower in Brazil, has declared itself the world’s first GM-free zone. Overturning a government decision to hand over the country’s soya production to Monsanto, all agricultural secretaries of Brazils 27 states voted against such GM commercialisation. The reasons, predictably, are primarily economic- but encouraging: Brazilian officials reckon the world demand for GM-free soya makes it a better bet than Frankenstein muck.(so how long till the World Trade Organisation lays its Grim Reaper hands on the state?.....answers on a postcard.)
More than half the soybeans in the US are now grown with Monsanto’s genetically engineered seeds and treated with Roundup herbicide!!
More info on Genetics and to receive their very fine ‘Update’Contact Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) 0181 374 9516 Email: genetics@gn.apc.org



A woman was nicked for threatening behaviour while dancing with her 18 month old baby at a Newcastle Reclaim The Streets party. Being a concerned mum, she asked to take her kid with her down the station, but was told ‘If he can talk, he’ll be OK’ and was forced to leave him there. She was held for (an illegal) 44 hour stretch before being released – luckily some friends had found her baby at the party and were looking after him. Meanwhile, another bloke was pinched for tying bunting to a lamppost.



Two hunt sabs were celebrating this week after being found not guilty of conspirarcy to commit violent disorder at Portsmouth Crown Court.
Martin Palmer (40) and Nicholas Checketts (39) were two of the 42 hunt sabatours arrested in December 1997 after clashes with the notirously violent Hursley Hambledon Hunt. Those arrested spent up to 36 hours in the cells, and had all their clothes,mobiles and cameras taken. Then for good measure they all had their houses raided. Nice
The police set up a full time CID incident room operational for over 4 months and involving up to 30 cops. One Hunt Sab explained “The arrests had more to do with evidence gathering for Special Branch, Scotland Yards Public Order Intelligence Unit and Animal Rights National Index.” A delighted Martin told SchNEWS to thank everone for the mass of support they received before and after the trial.



Great news SQUALL magazine is back next month. The new A5 16 page monthly ‘SQUALL Download’ will present the best of the regularly updated On-line SQUALL at http://www.squall.co.uk/ We can look forward to articles on US trade wars, pirate radio, Cuba, the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, Freemasonry, genetics, cannabis, fast food, CCTV, the Exodus Collective and much more.Subscriptions are £10 for 12 issues with cheques payable to ‘SQUALL’ sent to SQUALL Download, PO Box 8959,London N19 5HW. As a certain person used to say, if SchNEWS is the tabloid, then SQUALL is yer broadsheet.



June I8th prisoner CeeJay McBride is still inside awaiting trial for affray – write to him at Prisoner DC8504, Kestrel Wing, HMYOI&RC Feltham, Bedfont Rd, Feltham, TW13 4ND



A new protest camp to resist a proposed housing development of 66 luxury homes on 11 acres of ex-greenbelt land is under construction at Hockley near Southend. Seeing as the adults in the area weren’t doing anything, the camp has been put together by a group of teenagers aged between 14-16. The site’s next to a designated wildlife area featuring great-crested newts, badgers, adders, shrews and more. People are desperately needed, as is tat. For directions contact 01702 206181.



“The demonstration signals a new era of violent protest which has implications for the whole country and policing at a national level.”
It was the worst disturbance in London since the Poll Tax riots), the City isn’t best pleased and everyone agrees the police operation was a total cock-up. So, of course, a report was commissioned, under former Met officer and ‘public order expert’ Tony “ whizz-kid” Speed. In his report Speed admitted that the police were all over the gaff, despite this, the “ gratuitous violence and criminality ” is blamed on, surprise, surprise, the protesters. The City police couldn’t cope with their use of high-tech resources such as bikes and packed lunches, especially as their own communications system collapsed under the weight of panicking suits dialling 999 on their mobiles. All this means is that the Met will take over the City police, whose juicy fraud and anti-terrorism briefs it has been eyeing up for ages.
Immediately after the day, the media, police and government line was the usual “ violent minority ruining peaceful protest ” bollocks, but after Jack Straw had spoken to senior coppers, the angle shifted. Basically, grass-roots protesters are being re-branded as “ enemies of democracy. ” The Lord Mayor has already described the protesters as “ terrorists” and when Straw addressed the Commons he admitted that controlling groups “ intent on covert criminal conspiracies is extremely difficult. ” This allowed him to hint darkly about using F Branch, the MI5 dept responsible for monitoring and infiltrating subversive groups. Last year it was announced that they were stopping following commies, but would “ continue to be interested in those who pose a serious threat to public order .” The spooks are probably involved already, since the definition of serious crime that MI5 can investigate includes “ conduct by a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose ”. According to the City Police Commissioner, their intention is not to nick a few people for kicking in McDonalds, but the “ long-term attrition of the groups involved.”
And that’s how suddenly a bunch of crusties became the biggest threat since Hitler, inspiring Churchillian statements of defiance. People’s Champion Jack “The Last” Straw again : “nothing that took place last Friday will remove the City from its pre-eminent position as one of the world’s financial centres.”
Of course, there was no mention of why J18 happened, namely the extreme violence inflicted on the planet’s people and ecosystems by the deregulated money markets of the City. Straw claimed that “ it appears that the protests were linked in some incoherent way to the G8 summit in Cologne. I fail to understand the direct connection. ” There is, according to Straw, “no excuse whatsoever” for the £2m of damage done to the City on June 18th - but as T he Ecologist says, “perhaps if he took a good look at the wholly deplorable and plainly pre-meditated damage that is being inflicted on the Earth by minority elements of the business community, he might see things in a different light.”
Although only 16 people got nicked on the day, the number has risen to 43 - the latest, a bloke called Thor, found 7 pigs - 2 of them armed - trying to kick his door in. Unfortunately, Lambeth council had just reinforced his door, so when one of the rozzers injured his foot, he let them in, only to be held down while they did his flat over. After being held for 12 hours he was released without charge.



City Police Commissioner Perry Nove claimed there were two main problems: firstly, the cops didn’t know what was going on ‘cos the protesters unsportingly refused to tell them; and secondly they published “significant information” on the internet before the event!



  • The same day Great Western Train’s were fined a record £1 1/2 million under the Health and Safety Act, New Labour announced plans to semi privitise air traffic control. There were cheers and congratulations from one side of the house, but silence and attacks from the other. Unfortunately for the transport minister Helen Liddell, the cheers all came from the Tories who thanked her for ‘sound capitalist and conservative pratices’, while Labour MP’s hurled abuse. Safety service being offered up for the profit motive! One MP stormed “ Who knows best? Those who have given us the safest system in the world, or politicians and a bunch of city investors’’
  • Due to 85 year old Robert Leakey who confronted workmen felling an 85ft sycamore tree prodding them with his umbrella and walking stick and warning “I’m going to damage your equipment”. He then hit a workman on the shoulder who susequently wrestled him to the ground for possesion of the stick. Mr Leakey was fined £50 for assault
  • Read All about it - “The poll-tax rebellion in Haringey” a booklet recording the history of the campaign that brought down Thatcher. £1 + large SAE to Haringey Solidarity Group, PO Box 2474, London, N8 OHW



(June 21 2.45 am)
The authorities seem to be getting all steamed up about what might happen at Stonehenge next year. According to the Salisbury Journal a ‘reclaim our culture’ flyer posted on the internet, is being seen “as possibly a thinly coded invitation for a mass breach of the security cordon”. It’s so ‘thinly coded’ SchNEWS could hardly understand the message - ‘Stonehenge 2000 biggest ever free party summer solstice Wednesday June 21st.’ The police, who blamed this summers ‘invasion’ on, yep you’ve guessed it “a hardcore of troublemakers”, reckon next year “the potential for violence and disorder will be incalculable.” Which it no doubt will, if the cops turn up in riot gear with dogs, horses and nasty looking batons again. But don’t worry, the Journal informs us that “Already a dedicated intelligence team...based in Devizes are monitoring all forms of underground commuincation..to try to stay one step ahead.” Basically, the rub is the authorities aren’t too pleased with their four mile exclusion zone being ruled illegal, letting all those oiks get near to the stones, even touch them, without paying a bloody penny. ‘We need new laws’ screams local MP Robert Key because “the police must have adequate powers to prevent a tiny minority ruining it for everyone else.” Now where has SchNEWS heard that one before?
There are regular Stonehenge Campaign meetings 2nd Sept and 10th Nov at 99 Torriano Ave, Kentish Town, London NW5 2RX 8 pm (send SAE to same address for their newsletter)



Halo, the Brighton Homeless and Lonely Organisation has been offering food, shelter, and a bit of love and care for Brighton’s homeless for the past seven years. On Tuesday mid-day they were invaded by 80 riot police citing the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act. The entire staff and clients were dragged outside, where they were handcuffed and videoed with detailschecked to see if they were wanted for any offences. Sick and mentally ill patients were wrestled to the ground and pinned down while the police passed bottles of water amongst themselves to quench themselves in the scorching mid-day heat. The detainees however weren’t allowed a drink.
Out of the 40 people, a mere 5 were found in possession of a few bits of cannabis resin. SchNEWS reckons if the cops raided any pub or club on any average night they would get a lot more of a substantial drug seizure.



Woodhill remains an environment that engenders psychosis and despair” John Bowden long term prisoner As part of International Prisoners’ Justice Day, there will a demonstration to close down the notorious Woodhill control unit in Milton Keynes. Opened last year, prisoners considered too “ subversive” to be contained in the mainstream of the prison system can be arbitarily confined in the units until they “ progress” with the behaviour modification programme. This ‘modification programme’ in reality means breaking the spirit of inmates. As Domenyk Noonan a prisoner at Woodhill explained “ Prisoners on A and D wings are treated like animals. They are fed through door hatches, no access to own radios or drawing materials, half hour visits, £2.50 private cash; the cell windows don’t open to prevent prisoners talking to one another; 23 hour bang-up, one shower a week. The list is endless.”
In reality the control unit, is merely a big stick to make so-called trouble-some prisoners keep in line.
In truth, Woodhill exists as an instrument of fear and political control over long term prisoners, and is specifically intended to isolate and destroy both individual and collective response” . John Bowden.
Demonstrate! Saturday 7th August. Meet 1.30 pm at HMP Woodhill, Tattenhoe St., Milton Keynes. Contact London Anarchist Black Cross, 27 Old Gloucester St., London, WC1N 3XX Email: londonabc@hotmail.com
  • Tuesday 10th prisoners from around the country will be taking various forms of action in solidarity with the prisoners at Woodhill, including 24 hour work strikes and hunger strikes. Show your solidarity by phoning and faxing Governor, David Yeomans 01908 501999 fax 01908 505 417. John Gaynor is the man responsible for moving prisoners into the control unit. Tell him what you think by phoning 0171 217 6319/fax 0171 217 6664 protesting at the inhuman conditions.



SchNEWS has had to admit that we were wrong about corporations. We had some naïve belief that they were more interested in profits than people. However, we’ve discovered they do care after finding a website sponsored by various corporations that is dedicated to alleviating world hunger. Yes, all you have to do is log on to them, click on the “donate free food” button, and a starving person in the third world will be given a day’s supply of food - how caring! Not only that, but you get a free link to the sponsors of the site, who have some lovely products to sell. This week it was all about back pain relief - very useful if you’re starving. There’s only one problem - you can only do it once a day, or the system may overload! So don’t think you can bankrupt these nice corporations by clicking on 1000 times a day (although you could get 1000 friends to do it once a day!). You can do your bit too, by logging on at http://www.thehungersite.com/
However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed that between one-third and a half of emergency medical aid shipped to the tent cities of Macedonia and Albania at the height of the Kosovo refugee crisis is useless and will have to be destroyed. Some cynical folk have suggested that the shipments of essential drug supplies (such as lip salve, haemorrhoid ointment, and anti-smoking packs) donated by pharmaceutical companies were done so they could write off their gifts as tax breaks, and were not intended to help the refugees. What a disgrace, as we at SchNEWS now realise that multinationals only have our best interests at heart!



SchNEWS warns all readers not to play with their genes otherwise....oh my god everthing’s blurring, it’s all going dark... Arrrggghhh!!


Happy B’day Tony “Rebel” Green., Punk’s not dead!

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