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Published in Brighton by Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective

Issue 223, Friday 6th August 1999


Cornwall is bracing itself for the worst pillaging and raping since the Vikings. Police have issued warnings of a New Age Invasion complete with funny hats and free-love! Landowners have been advised to turn down any requests to camp as “kindliness can be costly”, so if some harmless hippie should meander onto their land they ought to block all routes, alert neighbours through the cunning early warning scheme and document all vehicles using photographic and video evidence, noting damage caused to crops or land, so...remember your country code and follow the SchNEWS free-party guidelines, available from our stall at various festivals. Devon and Cornwall Constabulary assure us they are liaising with other forces, presumably they mean police forces not spiritual forces.
  • If you were planning to check out Sasha and Digweed at ‘Totality’ you may be amused to hear that licencees will permit camping and liquor but NO DANCING! Dancing? That’s outrageous, will you debauched bunch of degenerates stop at nothing? So if you’re looking for an alternative, SchNEWS has received confirmation from NASA that the place to be to experience totality is Iran-yeah man, the infamous party place where you can expect to be welcomed with open arms by the old Ayatollahs. Forget the balaclavas but all you loose Western women had better remember your veils. Turns out that the South West has a groovie 45%-60% chance of cloud cover which will only enhance the visuals for psychedelic enthusiasts. Cornwall’s eclipse co-ordinator (“ move the Moon twenty centimetres to the left, please” ) Gage Williams claims that a little cloud cover will make the eclipse effects more stunning “Those patiently waiting suddenly saw a circular sharp-edged shadow racing towards them like an express train. There was also the optical illusion where the clouds looked as though they were falling on them.” What was he on?

  • The Friends of the Lizard, a crack team of party poopers, and the main opposition group to The Lizard Festival, have said they are investigating every possible avenue to stop the festival despite it already getting a licence. They are organising an around-the-clock photographic and video monitoring team from inside and outside the event . How quaint!

  • English Heritage and councils are hypeing their concern about the threat of a Tribal Gathering taking place at Men-an-Tol, near Madron. More than 30,000 acres in Penwith alone have been barricaded to prevent vehicles stopping. Countryside officer, Mike Rosendale claims that in their 4,000 years of existence some of the neolithic sites have never faced such a level of risk. They fail to explain why free party people need to destroy their sacred sites when English Heritage (not to mention industry and roads) do it much more effectively as we have seen through their recent treatment of the Woodhenge at Holme (SchNEWS 213). Makes you wonder whether the real problem is that such gatherings are free, bringing zero revenue to those who like to believe they ‘own’ these sites. Barriers are also being erected around the Merry Maiden’s stones, on Viscount Falmouth’s land, and the Boscawen-Un stone circles. Codenamed Operation Obscure, Devon and Cornwall Police have advised landowners to block routes leading to their private land with boulders in an attempt to discourage illicit raves.

  • Anyone who’s still bemused by all this Eclipse business check-out http://www.firstbyteuk.co.uk/eclipse/


So you thought you would be experiencing the eclipse on the chaos of the dance floor, to the sound of your favourite d.j’s and bands, grooving with all your friends.....not if you follow the advice of Britain’s chief medical oficer of health, Liam Donaldson who recommends the best way to view the eclipse is “ on television ”-well hold on to your party hats, what a crazy guy! His fears about the risks of eye damage are substantiated by the experience of Bob Brown, 35, from Manchester who suffered scarring of the retina during the 1984 partial eclipse. Bob said “ I just glanced up at sun because it looked a bit strange...and carried on waiting for my train”. Basically, you will fuck your eyes if you look directly at the sun during the eclipse, the eclipse specs work well and welding glass is good too. Film negatives are no good for looking at a permanent thermonuclear explosion, 400 times the size of the moon, 90 million miles away.


Mr A Robbins, of Truro, wrote to his local newspaper asking for the eclipse to be cancelled. He said that now Cornwall is now finally on the national and international map(!), Cornish people should be content with what has already been achieved and not be too greedy. He added: “Indeed, we might need to move heaven and earth: so be it. We got Objective One status, surely we can do this too. Whatever they do in Devon and the remainder of those European parts, let Cornwall have no eclipse whatever. Cornwall should lead the way !” Maybe we could all sign a petition and send it to our maker.




  • 31st Gladstonebury one day festie in aid of Brighton Lifeline for Kosova, bands, performers, DJs, BBQ, kids stuff. 3pm – 1am, £2 Gladstone Pub, Lewes Rd, Brighton.


  • 1st Sunsplash 99 legendary raggae event http://www.reggaesunsplash.co.uk/
  • 1-2nd Ecotopia nr . Timisoara, Romania solar eclipse info EYFA, Postbus 94115, 1090 GC Amsterdam, The Netherlands Tel + 31 20 665 7743
  • 2-8th European Animal Right s gathering Oslo, Norway http://www.noahonline.org/
  • 1-15 Moonshadow Eclipse Family Camp, Cornwall 0181 941 6277
  • 1–21st Green Futures Eclipse Family Camp – a snip at £200 01736 788926
  • 3rd Hackney Solidarity Group are campaigning against the housing benefit delays since the council housing benefit office was taken over by private firm IT-NET. Public Meeting 6.30pm at The Old Fire Station, Leswin Road, N16. For info. HSG Contact HSG, 136-138 Kingsland High St., London E8 2NS Pager: 07654 513 180
  • 6th Hiroshima Say In Preston there will be a vigil at Navy Recruitment Centre, Fishergate Rd. City Centre 3-4pm, followed by an evening of films about nuclear deviance at St. Wilfred’s Church Hall, City Centre 7.30 pm *Organised by Bread Not Bombs Ploughshares Support Group. Ciaron 07930-961842 ciaronx@hotmail.com
  • 6 - 8thThe Big Chill ‘Enchanted Garden 99’ , Salisbury £73 Tel: 0181 372 9735 http://www.bigchill.co.uk/
  • 6-13th Zac’s Tipi’s Total Eclipse Camp (family friendly) 01558 685682
  • 6–12th Megadog Essential Total Eclipse FestivaL , Nr.Plymouth £95 Tel: 0181 806 6242 http://www.megadog.net/
  • 6-15th Sunshadow Festival, Torpoint, Cornwall £85 Tel: 01502 230387 http://www.sunshadow.com/
  • SchNEWS RECOMMENDED TOP ECLIPSE FESTIVAL! The Lizard Festival, 7-14th August, Goonhilly Down, Cornwall £125 A Celebration of the Spiritual Significance of the Eclipse organised by a crew of idealists who have been involved in the festival scene since the 70’s. Lizard are committed to supporting the local economy. The site will be supplied with locally produced food, with not a shitty burger van in sight. Tel: 0906 2102376 http://www.lizard.net/
  • Fri 6–15th Rainbow Circle Astrology and Solar Eclipse Camp, Devon Tel 01452 813505
  • 7–12th Eclipse Party, Cornwall Tel: 0161 860 6472 £25 http://www.splintered.demon.co.uk/eclipse/
  • Fri 7 Close Down Woodhill Prison Control Unit (part of the Prisoners’ Justice Day demonstrations, see article)
  • Sat7–15th No One Is Illega l Border Camp – no racism and fortress Europe. The camp will be where the German, Polish and Czech borders meet. Contact Forschungsstelle Flucht und Migration, GneisenaustraBe 2a, D-10961 Berlin http://www.contrast.org/borders/camp/
  • Critical Mass . Swansea. This and every first Sat. of the month. Meet 12.15pm @ The University & 12.30pm @ The Guildhall. http://www.members.tripod.co.uk/swanseacm/ [doesn't work]
  • 9-15th Solipse , solar eclipse festival Ozora, Hungry. Tickets 0171 428 0127 http://www.solipse.com/
  • 7th - 14th National week of action at burger bars across the country. VIVA! 01273 777688 (on the 7th there will be a demo outside Burger King nr. Clocktower 10.30 am)
  • 7thThe Animal Jive. Hillfields Animal Sanctuary, Greenhill, Blackwell, Nr Bromsgrove, Worcs. £2 7–14th Cornish Eclipse Stone Festival, nr.Lostwithiel
  • 7/8th Organic Gardening Weekend – Henry Doubleday Research Assocation 01203 303517
  • 9th Nagasaki Day
  • 9–16th If I had a hammer.. Trident Ploughshares 2000 Disarmament Camp at Coulport Trident missile base, Scotland Tel 01603 611953 http://www.gn.apc.org/tp2000/
  • 10th International Prisoners’ Justice Day (see article)
  • 11th Total Solar Eclipse Devon/Cornwall 11.11 am
  • 11th Eclipse Gathering for Travellers in Romania-organised by the ‘International Suneclipse Itinerant Society’ (ISIS): http://www.online.de/home/klins/ or contact: FrankMelhop@yahoo.com
  • 11th Tribal gathering, Men-an-Toll, Cornwall FREE (See Eclipse snips)
  • 11–26th European Rainbow Gathering , Hungary For info send an international reply coupon to RIC, Brandaris 321, 1503 CE, Zaandam, Holland 12 Day of action against the glorious Twelfth (protest against the start of the grouse shooting season) Hunt Sabs Assocation 01273 622827
  • 13th Hackney Solidarity Group Demonstration. 12 noon at IT-NET’s offices, Dorothy Hodgkin House, Morning Lane, E8. Tel: 0181 374 5027 Web: http://home.clara.net/hsg/hhome.html Email: hsg@clara.net
  • 13 Abbey Park Festival (Leicester); Tel: 0116 2673196
  • 13-14th Cropredy (Fairport Convention) Festival, Oxfordshire Tel: 01869 338853 (good if you’re into beards)
  • Sat 14th Brighton Gay Pride FREE and wicked 01273 730562
  • 15th National Vegan Festival ,10am-7pm, Camden Centre, Bidborough St., London WC1 0181 670 9585
  • 15th Smokey Bears Picnic , 2 pm Southsea Common, Portsmouth FREE! The picnic now in its sixth year, is the largest and most established regular legislation event in the UK challenging the countries ridiculous cannabis laws
  • 15-13th Natty Gathering near Lampeter, S.Wales. Exploring practical solutions to sustainable living. Tel: 01273 834995 Email: nattytrust@gn.apc.org Web: http://www.gn.apc.org/nattytrust/
  • 18-23rd Earth First! Summer Gathering in East Anglia. An opportunity for actvists involved in or interested in environmental direct action to come together to learn new skills and plan campaigns with hundreds of workshops and discussions. Contact 0113 262 9365 http://www.eco-action.org/gathering/
  • 19-20th Festival of the Unknown , Hackney (of course), London Tel 0181509 3353
  • 19-23th, 1999 in Tabor, Czech Republic. Cesta presents ‘At Home Abroad’ An arts festival whose goal is to explore and collect reflections on adopted cultures from Im/E/Migrants, Refugees, Extra-legal and Resident Aliens, and Others making their homes on foreign soil. CESTA Novakova 387, Tabor 39001, Czech Republic tel: (420) 361 258 004 e-mail: cesta@mbox.vol.cz Web: http://www.cesta.cz/
  • 21st Save the Shamrock Monkeys . National Demo noon outside Shamrock, at Henfield Road, Small Dole, West Sussex. To offer or request transport call 07020 936956
  • 21–22st V99 Weston Park, Staffs £70 Tel: 01142 554973
  • 21-22 V99 Chelmsford £70 Tel: 01142 554973
  • 23-26th second conference of the People’s Global Action against ‘free’ trade and the World Trade Organisation.Hosted by the Karnataka State Farmers Association in Bangalore, India. http://www.agp.org/
  • 27–29th Reading Festival £78 if you must Tel: 0181 961 5490
  • 27–30th Exodus festival, Long Meadow Farm, Sundun Rd., Charlton, Beds FREE 01582 508936 28th Critical Mass Brighton meet top of Montpelier Cresc, by bottle bank @12pm
  • 28-30th Leeds Festival Tel: 0181 961 5490 http://www.readingfestival.com/
  • 29-30th Notting Hill Carnival, FREE
  • 30th Sutton Green Fair , Carshalton Park, Ruskin Rd., Carshalton, Surrey. 10.30 am - 8 pm 0181 647 7706


  • 1-3rd Groundswell’s 3rd Annual Self Help Forum FREE! The Ponderosa, Crookesmoor, Sheffield. The only UK wide event for homeless people creating their own solutions. Contact: National Homeless Alliance, 5-15 Cromer St, London, WC1H 8LS Tel: 0171 833 2071 http://www.oneworld.org/groundswell/
  • 3-5th Building Sustainable Economies , Centre for Alternative Technology , Machynlleth, Powys. SY20 9AZ Tel: 01654702400 http://www.cat.org.uk/
  • 3-6th The Land Is Ours Autumn Gathering @ ‘Flying Pig Farm’ Nr Stroud, Gloucestershire. (a long-term rural land squat planned straight after the gathering)Tel: 01865 722 016/0585 132080 http://www.oneworld.org/tlio/
  • 4th Human Genetics briefing day, central London. Contact: The Campaign Against Human Genetic Engineering, PO Box 6313, London N16 0DY. Email: cahge@globalnet.co.uk
  • 4th Worthing Green Fair 12 noon – 11 pm Field of Hope, Beach House Green, Brighton Rd, Worthing seafront 01903 210351
  • 9 11 year Solar Cycle Festival at Glastonbury Tor (9/9/99 – how significant)
  • 11-12th CND National Conference , London 0171 7002393
  • 18th Demonstration against Hillgrove cat vivisection Farm . Meet 12 noon. Details-see 31st July-. All-Night Vigil 10pm-7am
  • 25th International Rabbit Day! We kid you not. The Rabbit Charity, PO box 23698, London N8 0WS
  • 7-21st The Colour Of Justice -The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry U.K Tour. A dramatised reconstruction of key moments in the 6 month murder inquiry. For tour details ring 0171 636 3750
  • 10-12th Loony Left Weekend “It’s time to stop being sad and start going mad” Three Days to change the world culminating in the loony left football cup Sun 12th starting 11am £15 per team payable to Between the Lines, Box 32 136, Kingsland High St. London E8 2NS Tel: 0171 787 9510
  • 11th Norwich Reclaim The Streets Party 07931 308091
  • 11th National demo at Wickham Animal Research Laboratories 12 noon meet in Mill Lane car park Tel 01705 588516
  • 12-15th The American Association of Petroleum Geologists are having their annual shindig at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham with the inspiring title: ‘Oil & Gas in the 21st Century-Dawn of the Third Age.’ Highlights include a talk from Sir John Browne (Group Chief Executive, BP/Amoco)on ‘Oil, Gas and the Environment.’ Nice to know that the environment makes it into the top three priorities of the fossil fuel business. SchNEWS reckons someone should organise a little reminder that there may not be room in the Third Age for fossil fuels...For more info on the conference, see: http://www.aapg.org/uk99/uk99.html
  • 14-17th All your top torturers will be at the Defence Systems Equipment International arms exhibition in Chertsey. Held on Ministry of Defence land it will be the largest exhibition of its kind ever in the UK with over 20,000 delegates, buyers and officials attending. Unfortunately, despite the taxpayer forking out £1/4 million to host the event the public aren’t allowed in. Previous government guests include delegates from such torture-friendly countries as Indonesia, Turkey and Nigeria. Hey what happened to our ethicial arms policy? Campaign Against The Arms Trade will be organising demonstrations throughout the event 11 Goodwin St., Finsbury Park, London, N4 3HQ Tel 0171 281 0297 http://www.caat.demon.co.uk/
  • 23rd Autumn Equinox BST
  • 24-26th Equinox Party , Rustlers Valley, The Free State, South Africa. Tel 0027 519333939 http://www.rustlers.co.za/


  • 15-17th ‘Gathering Visions Gathering Strength’ III, Bringing together people from different movements and communities to explore self organising for radical social change. GVGS III c/o yorkshire CND, 22 Edmunds St, Bradford, BD5 0BH. 07971 302412. http://www.gvgs3.freeserve.co.uk/
  • 15 to 23 Aberdeen Alternative Festival http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/abfest/
  • 16th World-wide day of action against McDonalds . McLibel Support Campaign: 0171 713 1269. Adopt-A-Store Network: 0115 958 5666
  • 16th Anarchist Bookfair , Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London 0191 2479249
  • 17-24th One World Week . Campaign opportunities on theme of “Re-forming our Futures”. P O Box 2555, Reading, RG1 4XW. Ph: 0118 939 4933. email: oneworldweek@gn.apc.org
  • 18th Marks the 15th anniversary of Veggies catering company to be celebrated with parties and picnics. A book is to be published, if you’ve got any submissions send them to 180 Mansfield Rd., Nottingham, NG1 3HW


  • 1st Fox Hunt Sabbing Season begins . Contact Hunt Sab Assocation 01273 622827
  • 27th International No Shop Day. Contact Enough!One World Centre, 6 Mount St., Manchester, M2 5NS
  • 27th – Seattle, USA is the place for the next big shindig for the world’s power elite. SchNEWS's favourite shadowy organisation The World Trade Organisation (see SchNEWS 206 & 220) meet to plan the next wave of free trade with their mission to write ‘the constitution of a single global economy’. Protests are planned, but details are vague at the momement, but we know International
  • Forum on Globalisation will be having a ‘Teach In’ on why Globalisation is bad, a few days before also in Seattle. Contact IFG, 155 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 9409 USA, http://www.ifg.org/ * “ Demystifying the WTO” Booklet available upon request. Contact A SEED, PO Box92066, 1090 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tel: +31 20 668 2236 Web: http://www.antenna.nl/aseed/


  • 1st End of the World. We survived Nostradamus Day, but if you believe half the emails SchNEWS get, the end is definitely coming in the form of the Millennium Bug.(see SchNEWS 191) It’s something to do with embedded chips, apparently, so if you’ve got a potato wedge stuck up yer arse, stock up on baked beans and prepare to spend the new Millennium in a bunker with a bunch of paranoid squaddies back from Kosova to deal with the crisis. On the brighter side you make it through all the hype why not head (?) along to the SATANIC ORGY 1/1/00 and start the millenium with a bang!! Royston Parish Church. Please bring condoms and a partner.



If you like this piece of paper you have in your grubby eclipsed hand, why not get a copy of our all new 260 page book. Includes issues 151-200 +photos, cartoons and other articles to help you survive the new millenium, & comprehensive database of over 500 grassroots organisations. Yours for £7.20 (inc.p+p). Don’t forget our other books, SchNEWS Annual (issues 101 - 150), SchNEWSround (issues 51 - 100) Both £5 inc. p+p. Or get all three books for just £15 inc postage


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