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More people needed to beat the bulldozers at Newbury...

"The Newbury bypass was conceived in the 1960's, planned in the 1970's and out of date by the 1980's. Shouldn't the Department of Transport start living in the 1990's?"

"We've got away from the 'let's just cost them loads of money'. The idea is to stop this road and with the preparation and organisation we've got, we can. One of the biggest direct actions ever to take place was against the proposed damming of the Franklin River in Tasmania when David Bellamy got nicked. That succeeded because of the massive amount of planning, preparation and imagination that went into it. If people can do it there, we can certainty do it here."

Week Two of the Third Battle of Newbury

As the March deadline approaches (EC directive means that trees cannot be felled during the nesting season) the cat and mouse game between security, police and people trying to stop the bypass hots up. So far it's been estimated that just half a mile of the eight and a half mile sire has been cleared of trees! However more and more security guards are being drafted in and people are needed desperately.

Police have now begun to flex their Criminal Justice Act (CJA) muscles with the catch-all aggravated trespass.

The police are also using their new powers to bail people off site. People being nicked are being told not to return to within one km from where they've been arrested. With trial dates often set months from the time of arrest this results in an increasing number of protestors unable to participate in demonstrating.

"The first week was totally amazing and exhilarating but people didn't get any sleep. People are now getting tired and we desperately need fresh energy and imagination. The best thing people can do is come up for a couple of days a week. There's so many ideas and skills we have that we need people to come up and help make them work."

The campaign is taking many twists and turns and is involving a cross section of people involved for the first time in direct action.

On Wednesday a group of Newbury businessman launched Business Against Bypass. Adrian Foster-Fletcher, an executive headhunter who has attended protests in his Jaguar, said the community had only woken up to this issues when anti-road protesters arrived "We were told the M25 would solve all our problems, but it didn't." And in the post SchNEWS received a letter from Alan Page, a resigning Liberal Democrat sickened by their support for the bypass.

"As a 30 + year supporter of the Liberal cause and more recently as an executive local officer I have no desire to be associated with a movement which has torn up its environmental credibility in such an ignorant manner. My personal observations of British provincial towns, including Newbury is that we have become choked with heavy lorries and single occupant private motor cars. Eradicate this and we have manageable road space for all and we keep our countryside free of destruction. I have informed my bank not to honour the direct debit agreement with the Liberal Democrat Party. I will send the subscription to the Newbury protestors."

And SchNEWS, when questioning the Liberal Democrats Press Office on the contradiction between their so-called 'green' transport policy and their support for the road, were told "The time for protest is over"!

Which just goes to show you that all the main parties show the same contempt for people power and would have us wrapped up in endless debate and passing round bits of paper whilst the Earth's life support systems collapse round our ears.

Forget writing to your MP - get on the direct action tip, get down to Newbury and stop this insane road scheme in its tracks......

Newbury News

HOTLINE: 01635 45544


Cost of the scheme 101 million plus VAT (118M) plus security costs - police operation £100-£150,000 a week. Security costs: every security guard (getting £3.50 an hour) costs taxpayer £15 - estimates one million a month for security!

Coaches MON to FRI Call RecIaim The Streets on 0171 281 4621 / 0171 249 9144 to book. £4 each way.

Justice? buying vehicle soon! 01273 685913 and leave name and number


Blankets, bowsaws. burners, carpets, climbing gear, first aid, food, D-locks, lanterns, quilts, pallets, plastic sheeting, scaffold, shovels and other tools, sleeping bags, socks, tarps, torches & head torches & MORE. TEL: 01273 559440

crap arrest of the week

On Tuesday morning at 8am police barged into the ALF press officers house in Cambridge and arrested him for: conspiracy in Hampshire or places elsewhere on days unknown between Jan 4th 91 and the 17th Jan 96 (coincidentally the day after the arrest!) did jointly with 5 others conspire to unlawfully persuade persons unknown to commit criminal offences (you what?). Later that day at 11.40 pm after being taken to Hampshire he was released with hardly any questioning in Southampton (does this mean that he'l1 now get arrested for the same charge but they'll know where he was on the 16th/17th of Jan). The others were left to the same fate in Southampton half an hour later.


From the A34 in Newbury take the A343 towards Andover. After about 4 miles turn right at the cross-roads (brown signpost marked Herb Garden). After about 50 yards. park on the left band side and walk up a dirt track on the right hand side (signposted Blindmans Gate Cottage). Walk past the yellow skip and keep going to the camp. There's water, electricity, compost loos, wicked woods.

* It never rains but it pours. Just when you thought the last major road scheme was starting, a whole new generation of road building begins. The contract for the first DBFO (Design, Build, Finance and Operate) privately financed route was awarded, shrouded in much DoT secrecy... As the Carpenters once sang "we've only just begun"

* If you'd like to argue with a load of students about the pros and cons of the bypass go to the Debating Chamber at the University Sussex Campus next Wednesday (24th) 12.30 pm.

* The head of Gwent police has refused to deny that CS gas, to be given to 2000 police from 16 forces at the end of March, would be used against anti-roads protestors. "They will be used in the same situations that we use truncheons and handcuffs at the moment." There will be more on both CS and pepper gas in next weeks SchNEWS.


You can only be charged with this in relation to some lawful activity (eg bulldozing trees, hunting foxes, playing golf, picking your nose).

To be charged under section 68 you have to be trespassing on open private land and the lawful activity has to be happening or about to happen on that land. You have to do something to try and obstruct or disrupt the activity, or intimidate the people to stop them carrying out the lawful activity.(eg lying in front a tree to stop the chainsaws.)

You can be done under section 69 if you refuse to leave the land (or if you return within 3 months) after police have asked you to, because they 'reasonably believe' you have committed, are committing, or intend to commit section 68.

During the Whatley Quarry action, one (very small) part of the site was deliberately left working so that people could be arrested for Aggravated Trespass - work WAS taking place on the site, even though the work itself wasn't disrupted.

SchNEWS In Brief

TESTING TIME - The first national mass DNA testing has been announced by the Government. All drivers of white Mercedes lorries are to be asked for- or forced to give - samples in a bid to catch the murderer of a French student. Concentrated testing in regions has taken place before. In a Cardiff murder case last year anyone who refused was instantly considered a suspect and therefore compulsory tested under - yes, you've guessed it - the Criminal Justice Act. So far the police are estimated to have 135,000 people on the world's first database since it was set up less than a year ago.

*** According to a headline in Construction News this week - "Newbury Bypass may be Scrapped!". Its nice to know what those in the industry think about it all eh?

*** On January the 4th every year, the Ogoni of Nigeria mark Ogoni day. This year on Ogoni day, military opened fire on a procession of people, killing six, injuring more and making a dozen or so arrests. Its likely that within the next 2 weeks that 19 more Ogoni will be executed.

*** If you're group has any information to do with Shell's activities in Nigeria then contact Delta. They are a new networking group who plan to co-ordinate info. and actions on Shell. They're launching proper on 10th Feb -3 months after Ken Saro-Wiwa was murdered, and are planning to sort out a conference soon. 01865 791 391

*** Any avin it activists looking to buy a van can contact Jo on 0860444372 (incl. live-in vehicles)

*** "TEMPORARY GAOLERS are required for vacancies at The Custody Suite at Brighton Police station" ran a recent ad. In other words there's three jobs going guarding police cells at £10 grand a year. Custody Suite! "Some experience in self defence would be desirable", admits the blurb. "Those detained have traditionally been supervised by police officers, continues Sussex Police plc. SchNEWS hasn't been so taken aback since Avon and Somerset Police sang "let's hang on to what we've got, don't let go girl." down the phone to try to get us to sponsor them. (not a word of a lie)

*** Issue 5 of DO OR DIE the mouthpiece for Earth First! is now out (honest, we've seen a copy) 120 pages packed full of all your favourite monkey-wrenching activities. It's well worth getting hold of a copy £1.20 + 50PP (cheques payable to Earth First!) from South Downs EF! do Unemployed Centre, Prior House, 6 Tilbury Place. Brighton, BN2 2GY

*** Andrew Lloyd Webber has decided to open an ostrich farm... as if enough of his shows haven't been turkeys already. Contact London Animal Action 0171 837 7557 who've organised a demo outside the Adeiphi Theatre, Charing Cross on Thesday 23rd January

*** The SchLIVE tour is getting together with 8 dates so far. If you want the latest in yer face news and video at your place in late April give Justice? a call NOW 01273 685913

Party and Protest

MON 22 Cool Tan Party Possee "It Shouldn't Be Allowed" presents Freedom Network Rainbow Benefit. 10am-10pm. Technol Trance! Jungle! Cold taps turned on. Chill-out room and cafe. **WHERE IS THIS BENEFIT**

TUE 23 Demo against slaughter of wolves in Canada. Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London, noon. (01373 473711)

THUR 25 Whatley Quarry benefit @ Beachcomber, Brighton. feat. NEW! Flannel and some other dodgy band plus DJ Dora (Jungle) Two quid, mate.

THUR 25 The Land Is Ours open planning meeting to organise a major occupation of derelict urban land sometime in the spring Hackney Squatters Centre, 75a Mildmay Park, London, N1 01865 722016

SAT 27 British Aerospace Campaigning Dayschool in Manchester Campaign Against The Arms Trade 0171 281 0297

SAT 3 FEB Live exports Rally and memorial for Jill Phipps (killed at Coventry airport during a no live animal exports demo) Birmingham 12 noon 0121 6432445

SAT 3 FEB Rainbow Circle benefit. Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 01458 834677

THURS 14 Reclaim the Streets in Brighton, MASSIVE Valentines Day street party v's pollution, more info to be announced. Phone Justice? office tel. 01273 685913

and Finally

Coventry Cathedral, this Wednesday, played host to a surreal ceremony, celebrating 100 years of the largest pollution-puffing, congestion-causing invention of all time. The industry s big bosses and minor VIP's who turned up for the service were subjected to the choking fumes of a Coventry Daimler driven down the aisle - and a sermon from the reverend, starting with him asking for Gods forgiveness for "environmental pollution from exhaust fumes, the relentless encroachment of new roads into our countryside and the appalling toll of dead and injury". All of this before the roads protesters, who were there to sab the event, did a thing!

"They shouldn't be holding a religious ceremony about a piece of machinery" - A mother whose son was killed in a car crash.

One protester, Angel, went to the front of the Cathedral naked and said "In the spirit of Lady Godiva, I'm here to mourn the death of my mother and the 17 million people killed directly by the motorcar,". She managed to have quite a long rant at the assembled car worshippers before being taken away and arrested under section 2 of the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act, 1860. This is basically disorderly conduct in a church (unlike blessing a Peugeot after driving it through the church).

Relative to earnings, a car now costs a third of what it did in 1960. What ever happened to the Tory belief in the "polluter pays" approach to cleaning up the environment? Obviously it has been abandoned, as it would cost the Tories the earth, or at least, so they believe, a car showroom-full of Middle England seals come the election.


The SchNEWS warns all readers not to attend any illegal gatherings or take part in any criminal activities. Always stay within the law. In fact please just sit in, watch TV and go on endless Xmas shopping sprees filling your home and lives with endless consumer crap. you will then feel content. Honest.

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