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For War Crimes...

You probably wouldn’t need much encouragement to try and perform a citizen’s arrest on Britain’s greatest living War Criminal, Tony Bliar. But, just in case you are the kind of money-grabbing mercenary who does, someone has had the genius idea of offering hard cash to anyone who can collar the mad vicar.

They have set up a website called www.arrestblair.org and invited donations to offer up as bounty to anybody who can stand hand to shoulder with the Great One and invite him to accompany them to the nearest police station to await trial for his crimes against humanity. 
A popular idea or have people ‘moved on’ as Blair prepares for his smarm offensive in front of the Chilcot Whitewash? Within two days they had over £9000 quid in the kitty. Not quite the billions spent on murdering up to a million in Iraq, but not to be sniffed at (SchNEWS is already hard at work cooking up a masterplan to bag the cash).

One quarter of whatever is in the pot is available to everybody who manages it - like a lucrative reality gameshow (when to strike?! Let that pot build up, but don’t wait too long!) - with the added bonus of leaving ‘man of the people’ Blair feeling hounded in his homeland and in the news for all the wrong reasons.

For a full briefing on your mission, should you choose to accept it, go to www.arrestblair.org

This article will self destruct in 5,4,3...

*For those chomping at the bit to administer some justice, Blair will appear before Chilcot and chums today. Stop The War are pushing ahead with plans for a demo on the green in front of the QEII despite police opposition.

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