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AGAINST THE CORPSE MACHINE - Defining A Post-Left Critique Of Violence by Ashen Ruins

Inspiring Pamphlet critiqing the notion of working within the traditional Left intelligently and without fear of breaking taboo. Ruins argues against the drop-out advice from the likes of Crimethink and seethes against the reformist Left. Ruins also has refreshing perspective on the use of violence, why it's used, how it's perceived and how the anarchist movement has related to it.

A broad analysis of anarchist history helps Ruins put his case across.The violence/non-violence debate has dogged the movement since it's contemporary revival, though less so nowadays. The polarisation that characterised the debate 20 years ago has matured and rationalised, as evident in this essay.

"On the ground, the Leftist/'State symbiosis reveals itself in the "peace police" linking arms to protect Starbucks from the rampaging Black Block, or pointing out property-damaging anarchists to the cops. However, it sems likly that the solution is not to back away from violent tactics, but rather to continue to push the Left into increasingly rediculous and concillitory positions with the State so as to remove the illusion of seperateness that surrounds them. The Left is still very much part of the Starte system- they validate each other the same way unions validate capitalism and placte workers."

Full text at www.infoshop.org/rants/corpse_last.html

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