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Crimethink Collective

Hard to know what to make of this one. On first reading , I found it really inspiring, full of energy and positive input .After a bit more exposure to Crimethink stuff in general, however, and the shallowness of a lot of the thinking becomes apparent.

The 'seize-the-day' artiness of it all lacks a serious understanding of what it will take to overthrow capitalism. Their lives of squatting and stealing/skipping food depends on the excess of capitalism in order to exist . The emphasis on spontaneity ignores the realities of organising a functioning post-capitalist society. Crimethink may feel this all sounds rather boring, or maybe the result of conditioning. Or maybe I'm getting old(er). But after the orgasm of revolution comes the boring bits, the bits that make revolution work, and Crimethink tend not to factor this in.

All that said, Crimethink are an exciting bridge to libertarian thought for those otherwise uninterested, and seem prolific in their reach and output. Much of their analysis is spot-on. The section about how  we in the privileged West can play an important role as saboteurs against the corporate machine is insightful stuff .It's refreshing to hear of an emphasis on first person politics and militant battle against the corporate hub in what Crimethink call the "host nations".

Here's Crimethink on shoplifting

"The shoplifter makes do with an environment that has been conquered by capitalism and industry....she takes her life into her own hands by applying an ancient method to the problem of modern survival - she lives by urban hunting and gathering. In this way she is able to live much as her distant ancestors did before the world was conquered  by technology and imperialism...."


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