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An insider’s view of the growth of the animal liberation movement

Keith Mann

A much needed and well detailed look at the rise of the militant animal rights movement across the globe.

So much crap has been spouted about this issue, usually by those with only the crudest notions of what it means. Unfortunately such people often tend to be journalists and politicians so their crap often sticks.

Mann's weighty tome is the perfect antidote to this. Chronicling the liberation struggle from it’s early days as the Band of Mercy way back in the 1800’s, he takes us right through to current campaigns against HLS and Oxford University, telling the amazing and often bizarre story of a war of ideas and actions that have inspired and shocked so many.

Touchy tactics like grave robbing and poisoning hoxes are given proper analysis and Mann doesn’t shy away from describing the sometimes violent world of militant animal lib. Individual raids are described in detail, lending the book an exciting and authoritive edge. Weighing in at over 600 pages, they help keep the narrative going at an often thrilling pace.

The modern animal rights movements have pushed human concepts of freedom and justice into new spheres of consciousness. With fiery words and acts to match, it has presented itself as one of the few challenges to unrestrained capitalism and human bigotry. This is their story.

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