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"To get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we've had to kill people"

Written by America's once most notorious terrorist, this pamphlet was eventually published in the New York Times in return for a ceasefire to the bombing campaign waged since 1978.The Unabomber got his name from sending a homemade bomb to, amongst others, Universities and Airline companies, killing 3 and injuring dozens.

This manifesto is what drove the Unabomber, AKA  The Freedom Club, into waging war on the "techno-industrial complex". Similar to the philosophy exposed in the UK's Green Anarchist periodical, the Unabomber attacks fundamentally all industrial societies, left or right, and while not directly anarchist, shares common ground with many elements of the green movement. His critique of modern-day hobbies and pastimes as expressions of boredom and alienation, and mere shadows of our natural selves, is particularly sharp. Chapter titles like "Revolution is Easier than Reform", "the Bad parts of Technology Cannot be Separated from the Good" and "The Motives Of Scientists" will give you an idea of where he's coming from.

The New York Times and Washington Post published in 1995.Ted Kazinski, a professor turned outcast was convicted as the Unabomber shortly after his writing style in the NYT edition was recognised by his estranged brother, who dobbed him in. He's currently serving life. There's brotherly love for you...

A pamphlet worth killing for?

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