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A LITTLE MATTER OF GENOCIDE Holocaust and denial in the America's, 1492 – present
by Ward Churchill , published by city books

little amtter of genocide“The word is new, the crime is ancient” Leo Kuper.

More from the antithesis to the American dream, Churchill delivers exactly what it says on the tin, exhaustively chronicling the genocidal impact Europeans have had on the aboriginal nations of the America's .

Churchill paints the whole picture here – from Columbus onwards, the major and significant struggles between an ignorant but brutal Conquistadores and the all-too-vulnerable American Tribes are analysed in a context of deliberate genocide. In terms of effectiveness, it surpasses the holocaust delivered upon European Jewry by the Nazi's.

Indeed, the monopoly some Jews feel they have on the “H” word is a theme Churchill discusses, providing ample evidence of an ongoing 500-year old holocaust in the America's.

In the interests of academia and to make his point crystal clear, Churchill spends some time offering definitions of the term genocide as established by the likes of the United Nations and this can get a bit detailed at times, but it leaves the reader in no doubt about Churchill's basic proposition – that the European invasion of the America's was and still is a campaign of deliberate ethnic cleansing , of genocide. This campaign has used overwhelming fire-power, biological warfare and concentration camps coupled with a revision of history to support it's savage ideology.

Many of the encounters we know of as “battles” between the two sides were little short of ugly massacres of whole Tribes, caught off guard and utterly undefended. Churchill's up-close accounts of these attacks are hard to read and reflect the “Kill 'em all” mentality of the Europeans. Such viciousness is made all the more depressing by the fact that these invaders initially depended on the kindness of the Indians to survive, being fed and taught to read nature by them. Some invaders repaid such kindness with donations of clothing and blankets to the Indians, neglecting to tell them about the disease's lurking within. The effect of this germ warfare on the Indian population was immense, totally eradicating entire bloodlines of Tribes.

In present-day United States, the song remains the same. Life expectancy on Reservations is 44 years for men, slightly older for women. Alcoholism is high and employment pitifully low This is despite the fact that these Reservations are sitting on top of some of the most sought after minerals (uranium), making them , in effect, some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

“Distinctions in perspective between right, centre, left and extreme left are quite literally non-existent on the question of the genocide of indigenous peoples. From all four vantage points, the historical reality is simultaneously denied, justified and in most cases celebrated. But preposterous as some of the argumentation has become, all of it is outstripped by a substantial component of Zionism which contends not only that the American holocaust never happened, but that no true genocide has ever occurred other than the Holocaust suffered by the Jews at the hands of the Nazi's during the first half of the 1940's. In their frenzy to validate the “uniqueness” of their own people's experience....proponents of Jewish exclusivity consistently label anyone referring to a genocide other than their own as an “antisemite”.

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