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Love All The People - Bill HicksLOVE ALL THE PEOPLE letters, lyrics and routines of Bill Hicks

A collection of stand-up routinbes, correspondence and various words of wisdom the the late great Dead Poet himself, Mr. B. Hicks, comdeian extrordinarre.

Probably better known now than when he walked this earth, Hick's hilarious outrage at the american nightmare is disturbingly relevent. Though better listened to than read, this book does give a deeper insight into the man's thinking, his vision of a "gentle anarchy" every bit as compelling on the umpteenth exposure to it.

"The world is just a ride, and some people have known it. We think it's real cos that's how powerful our minds are, but it's not, it's just a ride. And some people have known this and they've come here and told us : "it's just a ride".

And we...killed those people, cos we love the fuckin' ride. You ever notice that, we always kill the good guys on the planet and leave these demon's running amok on the planet - you ever noticed that?

Jesus - murdered , Martin Luter King - murdered , Gandhi - -murdered , Malcolm X - murdered. Reagan - wounded"

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