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Terrorists Or Freedom FightersTERRORISTS OR FREEDOM FIGHTERS Reflections on the Liberation of Animals edited by Steve Best & Anthony J. Nocella
foreword by Ward Curchill

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A collection of essays on the history and impact of Direct Action in the Animal Rights movement. Focusing primarily on the antics of the Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front, plenty of well-known warriors give their tuppence worth - native American scholar Ward Churchill, whale ship-scuttler Rod Coronado, PETA-founder Ingrid Newkirk and so on.

Over the course of the book, many of the same points are repeated rather tediously, and sometimes comes across as over earnest in places, but these points make it a good introduction for those new to the theory/practise of DA .It's American-based, with a section devoted to the implications of the US Patriot Act, and could have done with some photographs, but this is a nice little opener for those who doubt the necessity of Direct Action.

"Animals are drowned, suffocated, and starved to death, they have their limbs severed and their bones crushed, they are burned, exposed to radiation, and used in experimental surgeries, they are shocked, raised in isolation, rendered blind or paralysed, they are given heart attacks, ulcers and seizures.

And they say Animal Rights Activists are violent" 

on direct action " it's necessity is it's excuse for existence"

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