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The Gods Must Be CrazyTHE GODS MUST BE CRAZY PARTS 1 & 2 written and directed by Jamie Uys 1980/1989

Apparently these made America's top grossing movie lists at the time of release and had large global audiences. There are in fact 5 sequels in total, though when the original director sold the rights to a Chinese producer, quality went swiftly downhill. Although financed by South African money and with an SA director, the movie was credited with being of Botswanian origin because of the embargo against South Africa at the time.

The star of the first movie is a Kalahari bushman named Xi (pronounced gee, with a hard g) who is given the task of throwing a coke bottle off the ends of the earth. His tribe had come into possession of the bottle when it was dropped by a pilot from a passing plane. He runs into western civilisation in the form of a band of guerrillas escaping government troops, and a clutzy scientist trying to wow a newly arrived teacher. It'll make sense when you watch it.

Part 2 is every bit as funny and off-beat as the first, this time seeing Xi's children stowaway in a poachers truck and carried across the desert. Again, this is more of a collision of three separate stories than a seamless plot. Uys' use of fast-motion and slapstick is evident in both movies, along with a documentary-style voiceover that give an authoritative air to the movies. They are the only films I've seen using the unique Kalahari bushman "click" language also.

Both are endearing and unusual gems.

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