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DC comics/Vertigo 1988

Alan Moore/David Lloyd

Superb graphic novel from the hallowed beard of Alan Moore, lushly illustrated by David Lloyd. V tells the story of a young woman's apprenticeship into Anarchy, set in a post-war Britain. Moores characters usually go well beyond the typical remit for comic books and this is no exception.

V as the personification of the Anarchist spirit is a perfect vehicle for making the personal political in this rich tale. The unremitting darkness in the story's detail is balanced by the strength and breadth of V's character, who is bent on revenge against the established Order and takes to teaching an orphan the ways of revolt.

This is an endearing read for all ages.

The Wachowski brothers, who brought us the Matrix trilogy, made a movie version of V. It has split opinion - some (including the author) feel it watered down the politics of the graphic novel too much, while others found it a strong enough dystopia in its own terms which reflected post-War On Terror Britain. A trailer is available to download online.

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