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By Dave Zirin

What's My Name, Fool? - Sports resrstance in the United StatesChronicles the social struggles that have played out on the athletic fields through essays, profiles and interviews, breaking through what Zirin dubs the "Athletic Industrial Complex," encouraging fans both to savour sports, and to inspire people and athletes to speak out and challenge society. As Zirin explains: "The very passion we invest in sports can transform it from a kind of mindless escape into a site of resistance. It can become an arena where the ideas of our society are not only presented but also challenged. Just as sports can reflect the dominant ideas of our society, they can also reflect struggle. The story of the women's movement is incomplete without mention of Billie Jean King's match against Bobby Riggs. The struggle for gay rights has to include a chapter on Martina Navratilova. When we think about the Black freedom struggle, we picture Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali in addition to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. And, of course, when remembering the movement for Black Power, we can't help but visualize one of the most stirring sights of our sports century: Tommie Smith and John Carlos's black-gloved medal stand salute at the 1968 Olympics."

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