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When Saturday ComesWritten by the people who put together ‘When Saturday Comes’ the best football monthly in the country “for intelligent football supporters” (yes, there is such a thing). The handy opioniated A-Z guide is one for the footie enthusiast to dip into occassionally, and a must for those who like their football quizes. Take the bit on Hartlepool United where we find nuggests about the club petitioning Berlin for £2,500 after the armistice to pay for their main stand that was destroyed by Zeppelin bombs. Further bomb damage to the stadium the next time hostilitites broke out suggested a vendatta. Then their was the Hartlepool mascot – H’Angus the monkey who stood for mayor of Hartlepool in 2002 – and won! H’Angus - Stuart Drumond - ran on a ticket of free bananas for local schoolchildren, but once in office – guess what? He withdrew the offer citing financial constraints.

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