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Five protesters were detained on criminal charges on Wednesday (9th), falling foul of riot police as they demonstrated about a load of rubbish in Keratea, Greece.

Almost daily protests and clashes with cops have been going on since December 12th 2010, over the construction of a new landfill site in the area. Events escalated on Tuesday (8th) as riot police blasted into town, breaking into homes without warrants and arresting a man who was uninvolved in the clashes.

More than 1,000 inflamed locals then retaliated, assailing the town’s police station, throwing sticks, stones, petrol bombs and molotovs at the police, who responded with tear gas. One town resident described the scene as “reminiscent of the civil war”.

Residents have appealed a court decision to allow the landfill which will be walking distance from the community, spoil an archaeological site and pollute local water. What a waste.


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