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Two cops who tried to fit up a squatter by planting dope on him, have been sacked from the Met. Their crimes would never have come to light if it hadn’t been for the victim’s ingenious use of a digital voice recorder concealed in his pocket.

Sgt Marcus Garvey and Pc Wayne Campbell faced a IPCC misconduct hearing during which they were found to have used unlawful force in Thacker’s arrest and given inaccurate accounts, although they were acquitted by jury of perverting the course of justice last May.

The case began three years ago when the police broke into a squat in Kidbrooke, London with a sledgehammer, forcefully pulled Thacker out of the building, and then arrested him for possession of cannabis - which they’d found in another room of the house.

The officers later claimed they had made the arrest outside the property and then broke into the property to check no-one else was inside.

Luckily, Thacker thought to turn on a voice recorder in his pocket - and the recording proved the cops had been lying. He presented the evidence whilst representing himself in court on the drugs charge, prompting the dropping of the case against him and the start of the case against the officers and the subsequent IPCC hearing.

Thacker is pretty meditative about the whole ordeal: “I’ve thought about it a lot, yeah it’s crap for them that they’ve lost their jobs but who wants cops like that around? We don’t need bullies around, especially with those that can abuse their powers. This is something I’ve never really driven, it’s always been the IPCC and the detective sergeants...I’ve just given evidence, that’s all. So yeah, live and learn, aye.”


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