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Perhaps the slobbering councillors at Hammersmith and Fulham don’t think refugees don’t have right pedigree to get any help from them.

As they push ahead with their plans to evict and sell off the premises of the Afghan Council UK - a body offering support to Afghan refugees, the council stated in an official report on the development that the refugees could instead, er, always find help from the Southern Afghan Club
 – a dog appreciation society.

After being hounded for their ignorant howler, they simply said: “We are sorry.”

Delving deeper, the eviction of the Afghan Council and 30 other community groups that use the Palingswick House site says even more about the government’s current priorities. The building is being sold to become the controversial West London Free School.

The council see the wishes of the upper-middle class parents and their desire to make new schools good enough for their darlings as far more important than the needs of the multicultural community and charity work that’s been going on at the centre for, in some cases, over 20 years.

Another shining example of the BS that is the ‘Big Society’ - and probably applauded inside Tory ranks as good ‘muscular liberalism’ in action.


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