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Looks like hunt sabs are gonna be cleaning up this winter. Cosmetics manufacturer Lush have released a new soap called Fabulous Mrs Fox – on sale from now ‘til Boxing Day. Every penny of the profits is set to be spent on funding sab groups up and down the country as they disrupt bloodsports.

Of course the Countryside Alliance types have got themselves into a lather (copyright – all newspapers) claiming that Lush are out to support ‘dirty fighters’ and claiming that Lush will ‘pay for its politics’. But Lush maintain, “We’re on the side of the foxes!” (and perhaps they think the anti market is a big dollar right now). To capture the full thrill of a day’s sabbing in the comfort of yer own bath, the Lush aromaologists have concocted “a blend of citronella, engine oil and organic special brew”. Well, what are you waiting for?

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