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Two protesters convicted of aggravated trespass during the Smash EDO Carnival Against the Arms Trade back in May ‘08 have had their convictions quashed by an appeal court this week. The two had been busted after the mass invasion of EDO’s car park (well what do you expect if someone opens the security gates whilst a demo’s kicking off?). It’s small relief for one of them, Elijah Smith, who’s still inside awaiting trial for the citizen’s decommissioning of EDO during the bombing of Gaza in January.

Over the year and a half since the arrests at the Carnival, police have downgraded serious conspiracy charges to relatively minor public order charges, only to watch trial after trial come unstuck.

Even though the decommissioners case has been adjourned to May next year, the events planned for the Support the Decommissioners Week of Action continue. On Monday (19th) there was a demo outside Brighton Town Hall, demanding Brighton and Hove City Council table a motion against EDO’s complicity in war crimes. A Green Party motion condemning EDO early this year because ‘the issue is not directly related to Brighton and has no bearing on the wellbeing of the city’.

On Saturday (24th) there was a rally outside the Foreign Office in London, demanding an end of arms exports to Israel.

* See www.smash


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