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The Black Cat community centre in Bath is on to its second life after being evicted on Wednesday (16th) and promptly re-squatted on Thursday (17th).

The centre was first squatted three months ago and has since been used as a library, cafe and freeshop, and for film nights and benefit gigs raising money for local causes.

After the eviction, local activists and residents decided to take immediate action to save Bath’s only autonomous social space. One of the new squatters said, “The work that the original Black Cat squatters put into the social centre was so inspiring, and such a benefit to the community that we felt that we had to act, and re-open the social centre to the community for as long as possible.

If all has gone to plan then the Black Cat Mark II should already be open, with all of its previous uses and events up and running. For more info call 07794 774938


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