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Brighton doesn’t tolerate fascist rhetoric now or ever (see SchNEWS 454). That was the message David Irving’s ‘unwelcoming committee’ presented to the far-right holocaust denier and his henchmen last Saturday (27th March).

The deluded historian planned to give a talk to the troops in the city but was met by the concerted resistance of around twenty anti-fascists all unwilling to tolerate his warped dogma.
The group informed the owner of the venue where the talk was due to take place about the true nature of Irving’s ramblings. He was genuinely startled by this and immediately asked Irving and his mob to pack up and and be gone. They only did this after fearlessly calling the boys in blue and refusing to leave without a police escort.

Having finally sent them packing, the meet-and-greet group patrolled some of Brighton’s hotspots most likely to be potential fallback venues (sounds like a pub crawl then) but were content with the clean air of a job done.

The following day David Irving’s online action report alleged the anti-fascist presence were in fact hired heavies. Now there’s a thought...


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