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This week it’s been a case of Heir today, gone tomorrow as Bonnie Prince Charles has been criss-crossing the country by private Royal train to promote his fluffy message of sustainability.

His ‘Start’ campaign to nudge disloyal subjects ever so gently towards being ever so slightly greener than they currently are, has started by costing the tax payer £50,000 and running up a carbon emissions bill which is only thousands of times more polluting than estimates of what the global average carbon allowance should be if this planet is to survive its human plague. And this is even after he has manfully had the royal carriages converted to run on used cooking oil.

The PR offensive is set to cost a couple of million quid a year to run and has the enthusiastic support of such climate-caring sponsors as Asda, BT and EDF Energy.

Far from a crowning achievement, Ol Jug ears has merely throne out another load of ‘King greenwash...


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