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A controversial new art installation has not been going down a bomb with German cops in Dresden.

‘Petra’ is a lifesize model of a female riot cop in full armour squatting down, trousers akimbo, relieving herself on the floor. The ‘piss de resistance’ is a yellowish pool of liquid puddling at her feet.

Police are extremely pissed off over the exhibition at the Dresden College of Art, claiming, “There is freedom of art - but this time it has gone too far.”

As ever in modern art, controversy breeds success and the young piss-artist concerned, Marcel Walldorf, has won a £1,000 prize and risen a couple of rungs up the bladder of notoriety.

You can easily browse the web for an image of the work, but we prefer looking at it (for the humerous website name and the ruthless German efficiency of the page marker) on... - if you can’t be arsed to type all that in, just see it here instead:













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