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It was always going to be a recipe for disaster. The US's biggest vegan magazine 'VegNews' has been getting fried by critics this month after an online blog outed them for beefing up their output by using doctored photographs of meat dishes to illustrate articles about vegan dishes.

Pictures of 'vegan' beefburgers, hot dogs, spare-ribs (with the bones photoshopped out) and more were all found to be stock images of their meat equivalents.

After a sustained grilling, the magazine was forced to issue a grovelling non-denial, admitting that they were forced by pressure of costs to use stock images on occasion - which the whole team agonised about each time - and that they 'hope' to able to use vegan photographs from began photographers 'soon'.

In an ironic twist, the exposé blog was forced to amend one of the pictures it used as a supposed example of a VegNews porky – apparently they posted an illustration of a real veggie burger and later had to replace it with the actual beef one used in VegNews after an sharp-eyed reader spotted their whopping meat-stake...

For the full story with 'before and after' pictures see


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