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“As the tide of social change forever moves forward and undermines the strangle hold of huge corporate interests. Anonymous emerge from all corners of our society. We empty the dustbins laden with your waste, we nurse the soldiers returning from your wars and offer them the shelter you promised, We are the cleaner you see scuttle from your office as you arrive in the morning and we are the accountant that knows your crimes but is yet to speak out. “ - Operation Vendetta press release

The 5th of November exceeded all expectations as our Guy Fawkes mask toting friends Anonymous managed to leg it round various towns causing havoc and even shot a few fireworks at Buck House.

Brighton's gathering saw three banks invaded with awkward questions, free hugz and plenty of lulz. The Virgin bank was occupied on that day with comical messages written into their “feedback” book. In Manchester the main mall was raided by hundreds of protesters carrying the banner of Lulz. However, in London so much went on that it looked almost as if someone was behind all of this... however, none of what is about to be said had been previously planned.

At 6pm (the announced gathering time) there were just a handful with a banner and a live feed camera. It was looking hopeless as it came to 6:00 and not many others had arrived until only about 10 minutes later crowds of people in masks started to walk over. Although everyone was together, there were a few coherent groups. Police seemed unprepared for the number of Anons on the streets and totally failed to kettle the demo. One of the groups, perhaps best described as “Anonarchists”, shot fireworks at Buckingham Palace and burned energy bills. Further through the night they also decided to block roads leading up to the Palace's gardens.

Adding to the spectacle, were the mainstream fags* who saw Russell Brand in the crowd and decided to schoolgirl* over him, asking for autographs and following him as the mainstream press described him as “the leader of Anonymous”. Besides the fact that Anonymous has no leaders SchNEWS couldn't help but laugh at the fact that after this march Brandy boy will be going home to his million pound mansion to have a nice fully cooked meal whilst his so called “allies” huff* it back for a pot noodle. The third group were keen but only ended up walking around for hours not knowing what they were doing. Remarkably few arrests were made during the evening.

A new network of Anons has emerged called RAM3 which has emerged from the south. They are now starting to plan meet ups every July of each year where each provinces (e.g. West Sussex) will meet for general promotion. Also, as for 2014 there will be another Million Mask March in London.



We warned you that we were coming,

We told you we were legion,

You know that we don't forget,

You know that we don't forgive,


You should have expected us.



The main press release can be found here:


Notes:  For those SchNEWS readers too old be down with the lingo, and old enough to be upset by how the younger generation talks, we've provided a brief set of definitions:

* "fag" (SchNEWS is assured) carries no fixed positive or negative connotation by itself. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Fags_of_4chan

** "to schoolgirl" for young people to get highly overexcited by close proximity to celebrities.

***huff – to walk along while shagged out

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Added By: Anonymous - 9th November 2013 @ 7:53 PM
'Fags'? 'Schoolgirl'?

Fuck you.
Added By: Rastamous - 10th November 2013 @ 3:21 AM
Make a bad ting good.
Added By: self - 17th November 2013 @ 8:54 PM
Cheers chaps. It makes me happy to see people fighting back against those desperately boring oppressive eejits.
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