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Despite a running for 12 years and having a readership of over 70,000 a week (we guestimate) SchNEWS still relies on goodwill, thin air, lots of biscuits and people reachin' deep into their pockets to help us pay the rent.

Are you one of those people who's always thought of sending us a couple of quid towards our rent / phone bill / biscuit addictions, but just never quite got round to it? Well, here's your chance, and you don't even have to leave the safety and comfort of your computer chair!

All you've got to do is click one of the buttons below and follow the instructions in PayPal. You've got to enter your bank card and various other details (don't worry, we promise not to sell them to corporatebastards.com so they can spam you), click a couple of buttons and your money's on it's way to us (minus 2.9% + 20p which profit-hungry PayPal keep). But we still smile widely and SchNEWS continues. Unfortuantely you need to set up a PayPal account to do regular payments, but not one off payments...

Ideally, you could support us with a regular donation:

- Equivalent to the price of 5 stamps and a cheap packet of biscuits.
- That's only a quid a week for yer free weekly SchNEWS!
- Pay to offset our carbon output, and it's tax deductable too!
- Help us buy ergonimic chairs, eco-friendly paint and skimpy flat screen monitors for our new executive loft space.
- alleviate your fat-cat guilt or charge it to your boss's expense account.

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Or, of course, we'd still love yer for a one-off donation:  

You can also give us money by buying our books setting up a standing order or sending us a cheque. All the details are below.

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* Standing Orders can be cancelled at any time and are dead easy to set up, just contact your bank.


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