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BNP: Union Jack Shit

Local anti-fascists were out and about around the South Coast this week as the BNP tried to rear their ugly mugs once again.

Over the last month, the BNP have been trying to establish a street presence down south.  They’ve attempted with varying degrees of success to hold stalls  in Worthing and Bognor,  and made a morale-boosting effort to host Nick Griffin in Hastings. Throughout they have been opposed by a rag-tag  but determined bag of anti-fascists.

Although the official nasty party have managed to hold street stalls under the radar, Griffinbore couldn’t show his face in Hastings and a constant weekend vigil by anti-fascists has frustrated any further stalls. The most recent effort in Worthing on Remembrance Sunday was abandoned as quote “there are too many scruffy commies in town”.

A further blow for our ‘It’ll be all white on the night’ foes came when they advertised a  meeting on their website happening in Bognor/Littlehampton on 15th November at 7.30pm - with the no doubt riveting main address to  be given by one Jonathan Hall  (Brighton BNP organiser) on the subject of  public spending. Spice was added to this snoreathon by an attempt to keep the meeting place secret.

Unfortunately for the red white ‘n blue brigade, they aren’t running a very tight ship and the venue location was leaked - Aldwick Parish Hall. It turned out to have been  booked by BNP Barnham Parish Councillor John Robinson. It wasn’t even his own Parish Council Hall (where he had no support for hosting his party’s meetings) but one further into the bowels of Bognor. On the night of the meeting anti-fascists attached banners saying “Racism in secret is still racism” to road signs and roundabouts along the route to the hall. In the face of such opposition, the meeting was called off and never took place.

According to Brighton anti-fascists “The BNP might want to claim that the meeting went ahead at another location but there is some very reliable information to the contrary. At the time that the November 15th meeting was supposed to take place, John Robinson and Jonathan Hall were sitting at home wondering what went wrong.” 

* http://brightonantifascists.wordpress.com

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Added By: PorkBoat - 2nd March 2012 @ 2:28 AM
Don't you like the concept of free speech? I expect you do, until it's something you don't agree with. And I'd have a look at who leads the main "anti-fascist" organisation these days. Not a particularly...erm...tolerant chap is he?

And while we're at it, why class yourselves as "anti-fascist" or "anti-racist"? Why not just be not "racist", or not "fascist"? Being "anti" gives the impression that you seek stuff out wher it may not be. Or you have to make such a big song and dance about it, because you're covering up for some feelings you aren't comfortable with.

That is all.