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Back in the Faslane

Fancy a trip north of the border to chuck a spanner in the nuclear works? Faslane Peace Camp are announcing 30 days of non-violent direct action against the Faslane Naval Base to mark the 30th birthday of the Peace Camp. Over the last year, a small group have been endeavouring to make Peace Camp a healthy and happy place to facilitate direct action against Trident (the U.Ks very own submarine based WMD arsenal). The month of action will get going on Saturday 9th of June 2012.
With independence (or devo-max) in the offing – the SNP are claiming that an independent Scotland would be nuclear free. Campers gave these words a cautious welcome but forsee the simple removal of Trident south of the border saying “We need to give a clear and unmitigated message that simply moving them is not enough. We are in a unique position to make this potential removal from Scotland mean an ipso facto end to nuclear weapons in the UK but our message needs to be full volume”.
They are inviting local, national and international groups to take responsibility for a day of anti-nuclear activities, saying “this can be a march to the base, a demo at the gates, a blockade, a mass trespass, a die-in... get creative!”
For more information, legal stuff and for details of our safer spaces, residency and alcohol agreements please contact Faslane30@riseup.net or write to us at: 30Days, Faslane Peace Camp, Shandon, Helensburgh, G84 8NN.

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