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Combe and have a go...

...if you fink you're 'ard enuff

SchNEWS received the following update from a Defender...

"Following Monday's digger-diving and tree-sitting in the Combe Haven Valley, the subsequent days have been just as action-packed. Again the contractors' focus has been on Upper Wiltington Farm and the 'Three Oaks'. Early on Tuesday morning, dozing activists were rudely awakened from their tree house beds by climbing bailiffs, who were able to remove the protesters from their homes and hand them over to the police just in time for a morning coffee at the police station ("One sugar, soya please!").

Tree occupations continued throughout the day and one activist scaled a telegraph pole to occupy its summit. Being the highest point meant no bailiffs could rig ropes for an eviction and surrounding trees could not be safely felled. The police this time waited well past dark for the activist to eventually make their descent and, inevitably, get nicked.

On Wednesday activity rumbled on at Upper Wiltington Farm with activists continuing to occupy the 'Three Oaks', fortifying their defences and preventing their felling. A quieter day, although an early arrest was made. With this slight lull work on tree houses, fortifications and structures continued throughout Thursday with contractors taking a step back to butcher the trees already felled.

Activists have been building constantly for weeks with tunnels, tree houses, walkways and structures preventing the felling of trees and the roads constriction. Despite this the council persists with its decision, bulldozing through with its plans to construct the road - activists and locals are digging in (one tunnel at a time) for a long struggle. More people are needed everyday for a variety of roles including building, actions and camp help. Get down there and blockade the government's renewed road building programme before it really begins."



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Added By: Vroom - 10th January 2013 @ 11:48 PM
Can't wait for a nice easy drive along the new road! So sick of delays on the coastal route, should have built this years ago. I'll wave at you all up in your treehouses as I cruise past in the mornings.
Added By: Anonymous - 18th January 2013 @ 10:55 PM
Until this road fills up and you are, yet again, stuck a jam? Are yes, the 'freedom' of the car.
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