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Update 29th Jan – The first of the tree-houses were evicted today. Resisters have described the process as 'slow, methodical and careful'.

After a night of being battered by force 6 winds and drenched by rain around twenty folk were still up the trees this morning.

SchNEWS spoke to one of those still up the trees - “They've taken their time. They sent bailiffs up at 10 this morning to check out the tree houses. They evicted the lowest ones almost straightaway although they've had real trouble with the lock ons. Then they started on the nets. Most people have been taken away rather than arrested. There's around half a dozen of us left in the highest tree-house”

Dozens have gathered around the fenced off cordon and some have made it inBailiffs and security have refused to allow food and water into the cordon in an effort to starve the tree-sitters out. As yet no trees have been felled.

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The forceable eviction of activists resisting the building of the Bexhill bypass at Camp Decoy began just before nine this morning (28th Jan).

Around forty folk had braved the cold to wait overnight for the eviction, split roughly half and half between those on the ground and in the trees. Bailiffs broke through the harris fencing at first then dropped bridges across the stream in front of the camp.

Approximately seventy bailiffs and security crossed the bridges, together with around twenty cops. They offered a get-out clause to those prepared to leave immediatley and then started to tackle those locked on at ground level. It was midday before the first protestor was unlocked and marched off. In fact it took them the rest of the day to clear the ground of the five lock ons and tunnels. It wasn't until 4.30 and twilight that the contractors were able to begin brush-cutting around the base of the trees.

There were two arrests – one of somebody up a tripod and another for repeatedly re-entering the cordoned off zone.

At the time of writing around twenty people are still occupying the tree-houses and walkways. There was an eviction climbing team on site all day but they didn't even get their ropes out.

SchNEWS has been informed that the fence around the site has various weak points and that security guards “are fat and unfit”. Combe Haven Defenders reckon that anyone determined enough could easily make it to the trees.

SchNEWS spoke to Pablo, one of the last few desperadoes still hanging tough among the branches “We're expecting them to come up into the trees tomorrow. We're going to hang on as long as possible. The more people here the better - the more chaos and confusion the better”

There are free lifts going tomorrow from Brighton, if anyone is interested please call 07766 335 506. Don't forget to dress up in warm waterproof clothes and bring provisions.

For more see Combe Haven Defenders

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Added By: CLLR PETER JONES WILL BE ANNOYED! - 28th January 2013 @ 10:01 PM

send him an E-mail anonymously:
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Added By: django - 28th January 2013 @ 11:21 PM
now 13-15 up trees. one of the easiest ways into the camp is via the south of the camp and the edge of the heras fencing on the west side of the stream. just jump/ford the stream and you're in. the majority of security are jokers who can easily be gulled into letting you in even. has anyone seen a high ct writ? one bailiff said they had one another that they didn't need one. even with a compulsory purchase order they do need one. also it is said that the sale of the land on which the camp is on has not been completed - the farmer has not received all his money. he's also claiming a water bill which has gone through the roof thanks to a burst water main which has been left to gush water for three weeks. o dear peter jones there goes another 10 grand. what a fucking shame.
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