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The Isreali bulldozers are still undertaking numerous demolitions in Palestine. In this week alone,   four family homes, four Bedouin tents containing 40 people, a mosque, a public meeting house, a restaurant, a shop, a car wash, a bee farm owned by a women's co operative, a sheep farm, numerous barns,  an irrigation pond and a plant nursery have all been smashed to pieces. And those are just the ones where reports are reaching the West.

The owners and workers on these properties often own the land themselves, and have paperwork to prove their right to be there and use the space. It doesn't seem to matter to the Israeli army however, who are turning up with bulldozers without prior warning or giving people time to produce paperwork on their arrival. Throughout the Arab world, as struggles continue for autonomy and freedom from dictatorial rule, in Israel and Palestine the fight seems to rage even harder, and unnoticed by the western media.

See http://www.palestinecampaign.org/ for info on how to get involved in campaigns.

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It turns out there's another UK-based company linked to the Israeli Occupation whose name starts with EDO...

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been pretty high-tech this last week. After two boats, the Canadian Tahrir and the Irish Saoirse, were illegally captured in international waters by Israeli commandos, Anonymous shut down the IDF and Mossad websites.

Our mates at Corporate Watch have a done a book, snappily entitled "Targeting Israeli Apartheid: A Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Handbook"

The Palestinian Authority's bid for recognition as a UN member state has barely left President Mahmoud Abbas' lips and already the over-zealous elements of Israel's right-wing have kicked into action. This week leaders from several political factions, including chairman of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu's Likud party, called for the annexation of West Bank settlements in response to Abbas' move in New York.

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