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demo outside drone war conference

Anti militarists in Bristol successfully disrupted the Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Conference this Monday (the 2nd ). Nearly 100 activists from around the country besieged the robotic warmongers' get-together, assisted by the blasting sound of live punk.

Several protesters managed to scale the walls of the Armada House, the conference building, unveiling a Palestinian flag and annoying the hell out of the delegates inside. Witnesses reported that several arms dealers made a hasty exit surrounded by a police escort. Seven demonstrators were nicked, one for the heinous crime of “wobbling the glass” of the conference centre. Others were nicked mostly on public order charges (with a side order of assault police).

Some of the world's largest arms companies were present at the Conference, including BAE systems, Northrop Grumman and Thales. Military and defence industry wonks see robotic drones as the future of the military: politicians and generals like them for the same reason- they cut down on casualties amongst “our boys” leaving the dying and devastation to shepherds and villagers in poor and probably Muslim countries. The US has recently unveiled plans for the future generation of nuclear powered drones (essentially flying dirty bombs) and autonomous 'intelligent' drones that supposedly will be are able to identify enemy foes without the need for human involvement. Drones are beginning to make an appearance over the UK's skies as part of the militarised 'security' preparations for the Olympics.

People power versus robot war!- Support the campaigns that are fighting against the drone war:


http://dronewarsuk.wordpress.com and, not to forget,


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Bristol with a pistol.
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