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In the early hours of Friday (1st) the UK’s oldest anarchist bookshop got firebombed.

No one was hurt and the fire was eventually subdued, however this was not the first time Freedom Bookshop had such a blast. Throughout the years the agitated bookworm’s haven has been a bit of a target for such hate-mongers and in the early 1990s similar attacks were carried out by the then neo-nazi group Combat 18.

Freedom Bookshop entered the world and specifically London in 1866. It was founded by the “I’m a celebrity” within anarchist circles Peter Kropotkin and Charlotte Wilson.

The bookshop can be found down a narrow alley way and apparently there is a CCTV camera down said alley way hence CCTV footage (now you want it, eh?) but the boys in blue are not co-operating once again and refuse to hand the evidence over for further examination.

Alas much of their valued treasure was damaged as were the electrics, first by fire then by water. As you often finds with these bloody anarchists, they don’t get insurance and the bookshop is now stuck in a bit of a rut. Any gold nuggets in their direction would be most welcome.

The shop address is Angel Alley 84b Whitechapel High Street London E1 7QX. If gold cannot materialise anarchist books would also help to replenish their faded stock.

Support and solidarity are needed to get this literary deviant retreat back on its feet.

* As it ain’t 1886 anymore you can now follow Freedom bookshop on facebook and twitter.

On Saturday(9th) "SSsSaBoTaGe SLUTDISKO - bookshop firebombers should burn in hell....", a fund-raiser for Freedom Bookshop at the Cowley Club, Brighton


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Added By: Juntawatch - 23rd February 2013 @ 1:58 PM
Well this is why my house has it's own CCTV. Four Cameras and an array of recording equipment. After my Bay windows were broken twice by Hefty Shaven Headed Crime family thugs who the police know all about. You don't get it.

This is a new level of Evil emerging.

When my house was broken into and (a truth activist since the 1970's) I was violently assaulted with 8 punches to the head by a time-served House-Breaker who now lives in safe 'Social-Housing' round the corner, my CCTV evidence could not be ignored except by the courts.

The Police were keen to present it, knowing full well that the court would not make of it. This IS how it works. They're all fully unconscious if you will, unconscious of their responsibility and are sustaining a crime nexus which is designed to harass and deter the aspirations of the sons and daughters of the Middle-Classes.

I know: The middle-classes are a bunch of idiots who sit on their arses and do nothing but cause trouble for the sons of freedom.

I know. It's a decadence they slipped into or were bred into but they are a buffer-zone between the working-classes and the Political Classes.

I had a professional representative present in that court-session. I didn't have to go, as the criminal finally, after several sessions, pleaded guilty. The assailant turned up in court with his travel bags. He expected to go to prison. The judge said openly in front of the court:

"I can see you are expecting to go back to prison. Well you're not."
- And he handed down to the defendant 1hr of community service per week for about 6-months.

I got compensation. Thanks to Victim Support. The one group not appeasing the nexus of criminal subterfuge in society.

I have been around since the 1970's in so-called 'political and environmental' struggles. I was on-board the Rainbow Warrior once., before it was blown up in Auckland Harbour, NZ. That's how far I go back. I have never closed my eyes to what's going on and I don't have a Television to numb my brain with TV news.

What's coming if it remains un-resisted is going to be a lot scarier than the events we saw 'back in the day', back in the 70's and 80's. Trust me on this, OK! It was bad enough then. It was enough to turn you into a refugee. Now there's the EUROZONE & EMA/EMU/EEC to run away to ...

They're bragging about it. It's the new normal. And it's going to be big. ATOS-SEIMENS are one EURO-FEDERALIST 'CAPITALIST' group taking over disability & incursing into welfare in this country who are going to see to that.

Just trust me. There is no armistice anymore. It hardly stops and you have to fight politically so it seems, for every inch

I can't warn you enough. I can't say enough. Words do not say enough of the dangers you are now facing in this British Isles of ours.

I want to warn you. And yes it is all linked into the financial collapse, and the banksters' behaviour but we are to blame for not stepping outside of our comfort zones. Those comfort zones are going to be removed by force ...

I want to warn my people of the British Isles. Enuf said.

Twitter: @SchNEWS