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Gone to Ground

Profile of Simon Greenwood - Foxhunter and Fracker

Well guess who doesn't give a stuff about ripping up the countryside to blast gas out of the ground? It might surprise you (or not) that it's those lovers of all things green and pleasant – our mates in the Countryside Alliance.

One of the prime movers behind the attempt to bring the extreme energy extraction technology of fracking to Sussex is Simon Greenwood of Balcombe Estate who is lending his land to Cuadrilla for the drilling of a test rig (see SchNEWS 803). As well wanting to get his hands dirty pulverizing natural gas out from underground shale rock, he just so happens to be joint master of the notorious nearby Crawley & Horsham fox hunt, known for illegal hunting and violent attacks on saboteurs.

Back in 2009 Greenwood was caught on camera using his hounds to chase a fox to ground, something which is totally illegal under the 2005 Hunting Act. Greenwood called in terrier-men to dig the fox out and then threw it to the hounds. He can then be seen directing his minions to force hunt monitors off the land. The publicity from the footage forced the Crawley & Horsham hunt and the Countryside Alliance to back out of a injunction they were trying to secure at the time to prevent the activities or hunt monitors (see Schnews 684). This charming fellow also runs large scale commercial pheasant shoots and is a cousin of local feudal magnate Viscount Cowdray.

Greenwood's cavalier attitude to the law doesn't just extend to the persecution of the local wildlife though – he happens to be an active member of the Balcombe Parish Council overseeing planning applications where, surprise surprise, Cuadrilla's drilling application didn't see light of day (not publicly anyway) except for in the footnotes of the Balcombe Parish planning minutes in Feb 2010, where Greenwood asserts that the application was going to West Sussex County Council, without even a squeak in the 'declaration of interest' section that he's the fracking land owner!

For more on resistance to fracking in Balcombe


Or across UK:


For more on kicking back against the hunt



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Added By: Jay - 22nd January 2012 @ 4:55 PM
Wot a Wanker . . sorry Someone had to say it
Added By: Anonymous - 23rd January 2012 @ 5:13 AM
Damn.... You beat me to it...
Added By: Hassan - 19th February 2012 @ 3:25 PM
The mtaenl illness otherwise known as leftism (true liberalism in it's true definition is NOT a word to be used to describe people like Special Ed Schultz) rears it's ugly head & spews forth it's disgusting bile once again. If Special Ed & his fellow leftists truly hate this country & those who love this country GOD gave us the privilege to live in please LISTEN & UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING: You are free to get on an airplane or boat & MOVE to another country! Special Ed, I will PERSONALLY pay for a one way ticket to any other country for you! PLEASE LEAVE! Nobody, not even Almighty GOD is forcing you to stay here! GET OUT NOW! If this country's traditions, history, & patriotic citizens revile you this much GET OUT NOW! Don't tell Americans who love their country this country needs to change to what you think it should be! The country you & your fellow leftists want established has NOTHING in common with the Constitutional Republic The Founding Fathers set up over 200 years ago! If you want Marxism move to a communist country! I'm tired of hearing this leftist bilge day in & day out! Put your money where your mouth is & GET OUT NOW! Leftism = numb from the neck up!
Added By: Jo Makepeace - 1st August 2013 @ 8:07 AM
We love the comment above ..and sorry Anarchiste but it's the winner so far.
Added By: Anonymous - 1st August 2013 @ 8:47 AM
Who is that clownshoe?
Added By: Lewes Against Fracking - 1st August 2013 @ 11:14 AM
A little balance- Simon Greenwood's cousin Viscount Cowdray has said he doesn't want fracking on his land. We like this. There are all kinds of surprising people who don't like fracking: we shouldn't alienate them for having good sense, as we are all fighting against the single biggest attack on clean water and air, the integrity of buildings and homes, since Hitler.
Added By: Wat Tyler - 1st August 2013 @ 5:14 PM
@Lewes Against Fracking

Isn't the problem that rich arseholes like Viscount Cowdray et al get to decide what to do with 'their' land, whether it be attacking the local wildlife or drilling the gas shale while those of us with no land don't have a say?
Added By: Anonymous - 1st August 2013 @ 7:13 PM
Am I missing something here, what has he got to do with countryside alliance?
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