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In Athens last Thursday (3rd) the offices of DI.SI (neoliberal right-wing party), New Democracy (the main right-wing party) and the nationalist Cypriot Student organisation (associated with the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group) were on the fiery end of arson attacks from an anonymous group. The firestarters stated that the attacks were for all those that had been fighting in the streets for the past two and a half years. The far-right parties were targeted as Greek elections were round the corner.

The general election was held on Sunday (6th), a year earlier than they were supposed to under the four year tradition. The Greek financial and political crisis has led to a desperate attempt to adjust the situation of constant chaos that is Greece. Protest and strikes have become a daily occurrence since the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 and following that the series of austerity packages passed by the Greek Government since 2010 under EU rule and against the wishes of the Greek populace. This fact was made clear after two-thirds of voters backed parties opposed to the EU/IMF deal. Reaffirming the possibility of a Greek default and exit from the euro-zone. Germany's iron lady, Angela Merkel, however has made it crystal clear that Greece's reforms must go on.

A new balance was achieved in the Greek Parliament, the pro-bailout parties, PASOK and New Democracy, no longer have a majority in the Parliament, and a political split over the bailout is preventing a coalition government forming. On Wednesday (9th) the hard leftist Alexis Tsipiras of Syriza, admitted failure in his role to negotiate with the other parties. Consensus was impossible due to his radical position on nationalising banks, refusing the bailout and cancel austerity measures, and put a moratorium on the Greek debt. In Mr Tsipiras words, “soon they will tell us to abolish democracy in return for new loans.” The new balance will probably bring further political disaster as well as resistance to the policies of the EU and the IMF.

New Democracy's figures dropped from 33.5% to 19%, whilst PASOK went from 43% to a measly 13%. Syriza (radical left coalition) came in second with 16.8%. An unfortunate entry was that of die-hard Nationalists Golden Dawn, hitting almost 7%. New Democracy leader, Antonis Samaras attempted to form a coalition government but to no avail. PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos hinted at a broad coalition government of pro-European parties, “A coalition government of the old two-party system would not have sufficient domestic and international credibility if it would gather a slim majority.”

In Greece's battle between a state of anarchy and a police state, last Friday (4th) the Greek ministry of health with a little bit of help from their friends KEELPNO (the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) spent 3 days cleansing the streets of female sex workers. Brothels have been raided across Athens, and the sex workers inside examined and arrested. The operation saw 16 sex workers publicly identified as HIV positive, with their details and photographs published on police websites and mainstream media. All 16 have been charged in an Athens court with serious bodily harm, intent to cause serious bodily harm and violation of the prostitution law, which are criminal offences.

Check http://blog.occupiedlondon.org/ for updates on the situation in Greece.

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