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No Dash For Gas protesters walk free

Smiles all round as 21 environmental activists convicted of aggravated trespass for shutting down a gas-fired power station in October 2012 escaped jail today. They'd previously seen off a £5 million law suit aimed at them by energy giant EDF, owners of the plant that was shut down for seven days after the protestors scaled the chimneys.

They'd all made the trek up to Nottingham magistrates fully prepared for prison but in the event the district judge went overboard to tell them how "All of you are highly educated men and women, industrious committed individuals who work and volunteer in your communities. Your motives were genuine.". He then handed out a mixture of conditional discharges and up to 200 hours community service to each defendant.

If you want to get involved then the next next big push is Reclaim the Power - a four day camp and
protest at West Burton power station 17th — 20th August 2013.

To find out more about reclaim the Power and the action taken check out this short film.

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Less than 24 hours after fracking company Cuadrilla received a licence from the environment agency to start drilling near the Sussex village of Balcombe they began trying to move equipment onto site.

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Just when we were all getting to grips with fracking, another mind-blowingly stupid and dangerous form of extreme energy extraction gains momentum.

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UPDATE: They finally coughed up. After two days of consistent hassling by activists at the Department for Transport earlier last month, during which one person got nicked, the DfT sheepishly released the previously top secret (read: problematic and embarrassing) documents about the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.

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