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Occupy London Update

The showdown – after over three months, multiple court cases, and miles of newsprint, the Occupy London camp outside St Paul's Cathedral has got until 4pm  tomorrow (27th), when the Leave to Appeal will end. This weekend, the town of tents is holding a number of events, from a gig on Friday (27th) to an evening of rousing speakers on The Right to Protest on Saturday (28th).

This week too the Bank of Ideas, a UBS-owned building in London's Sun Street occupied since November 18th, has had to close its doors (on the 25th) after a Possession Order granted to the building's owners came into place.

It's not over though: Yesterday four Occupy activists were arrested after cops broke into a new space occupied under Section 6. The reasons for the TGS lackies actions seemed based on flimsy evidence – the arrests were made under investigation of the theft of a padlock, a 'crime' which had no witnesses. The Occupy team say the legal team is working on the case like bankers working on a dodgy deal... Watch this space.

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Added By: Anonymous - 27th January 2012 @ 3:12 PM
Stay strong, keep doing your thing London. We are Legion. Police need to wake up and realise that they are also able to change this system and maybe one day kids will respect a police man because he upholds a real law which is fair to all parties and not just a corrupt masonic piece on a board which helps divide and segregate the masses into classes. It's 2012 surely there are some pigs out there which aren't medicating to sleep and not completely corrupt with no idea whats going on just a masons moral compass...
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