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Frank exchanges of views are par for the course when the hunt meet the sabs, but David Lee Peters, master of the Ross Harriers Hunt, Herefordshire, overstepped the mark when he unleashed a volley of racist abuse at a hunt sab in January this year.

The huntsman (presumably a bear of very little brain) approached the group's land rover and on spying Hiba Hassan announced “They've got a fucking wog in there”. Unluckily for Peters there was an impartial eyewitness who was gardening nearby and his outburst led to a conviction for racially aggravated harassment and a whopping three grand fine at Hereford Magistrates on Thursday(15th).

Lee Moon, press spokesman for the Hunt Saboteurs Association said “Decent people know that racism is completely unacceptable. The hunting community however appear to be stuck in some kind of time warp where it is still ok to use this kind of disgusting language. Maybe they would like to join us in the 21st Century and realise that racism, along with the senseless murder of animals in the name of sport, is something that society no longer tolerates. We hope the Ross Harriers do the right thing and sack Mr. Peters immediately to show that they do not condone racism”.

For more on direct action against bloodsports contact Hunt Saboteurs Association.

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