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What were you doing on New Year’s Day? While most of the country were trying to shrug off a comedown under the collective national duvet, Combe haven defenders were busy trying to invoke the ancient pagan gods of rain and tempest to drown the route of the already soggy Bexhill Hastings Link Road.

Clad in animal masks and wielding umbrellas – the amateur druids made straight for the roadworks and set about their ceremony. Whilst Schnews has been unable to ascertain whether any rain gods were listening to these prayers, there were certainly some security guards who had to be paid to hang around and it all made for some lovely photos.

With or without divine intervention building a road across a wetland habitat was always a pretty stupid idea.

Trials from the evictions of the Combe Haven protest camps have been continuing, with some convictions and some aquittals. The latest one has left us with a proper cliffhanger: was the council in legal possession of the land at the time of the eviction and was the warrant legal? It could be collapse of the prosecution for trial 4, with trial 5 failing before it even starts! Next instalment on on 28th January.

For more http://combehavendefenders.wordpress.com/


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Added By: Philip Craig - 3rd March 2014 @ 8:02 PM
Shame we were not there then lol :) /|\
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